I said I’d work on it and BY-GOLLY I did!!  I spent Tuesday afternoon sewing the rest of the nine patches together, and then cut them up.  I have laid it out several times………trying to find the perfect balance, you know.

I am so excited though, to be this close to finishing it up.  My Katie (who this is for) has been ever so patient waiting for this quilt.

Let’s be honest here though, if you had asked me a year ago if I would ever be making my daughter a quilt, I would have laughed in your face!!   🙂   It is true what they say about that quilting ‘bug’.  It is a very contagious disease, and I am infected!!  🙂 heheheh!!

If it wasn’t for those precious pre-cuts though, I think I might still be afraid of quilting!!  🙂

Here is my progress as it is right now….


If the day goes as planned, i will have this baby put together!  Then I will be back here asking opinions about borders and quilting!  🙂

In case you are wondering….I used Sweet, by Urban Chicks (Moda) charm packs.

What are you working on??