Show and Tell

So did you just love that tutorial Natalie did on the T-shirt quilt!?!  She is an excellent teacher.   I am so excited that she did it though, because we have had a lot of interest in that technique!

*Remember if you make a quilt {especially one form a tutorial or a pattern we sell, send us a pic!  We LOVE to see what you are doing!!}

So, today I have some GREAT pictures of quilts from none other than YOU!  YOU guys and gals are the best customers/friends a girl could ask for and I’m just thrilled to see what you are all up to.  I have to ask, what is more fun than quilting?  Sharing-showing(off)-oohing-and ahhing over each others quilts/projects, thats what!!!

The first one I want to show you is the DP9 {aka- the dissapearing nine patch-tutorial here} from our friend Donna.

I just love how she used her stash and created a beautiful quilt!!

Next up Carol N. sent me two pictures to share with you!!  Both are gorgeous and amazing!

What a beautiful quilt, right! WOW, the colors are so fun.

Carol used the fabric line Vera’s garden {which we are out of, darn.} and used this tutorial here.

This next quilt she made using the Stars Aligned pattern (one of our FAVORITES!!!) and a Kansas Troubles-Butterfly Garden Jelly Roll. {which we are also out of, darn-it again}  Talk about ‘breath taking’ have a look….

Just stunning! I love it.

Wow, right!  I am just in love with it.  Carol says she added another row to make it a King Size quilt.  {she also used some thimble-berries from her stash for the borders.}

I just want to say a BIG GIANT thank you to you all.  Thanks for sending us the pictures and sharing your experiences, thanks for being loyal-amazing- customer-friends!  We really could’t do it without you all.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.  Stay safe, wherever you are.

I’m crossing my fingers that you get at least a few minutes {hours, really} to sew!

See ya Monday.  {I miss you already}



I said I’d work on it and BY-GOLLY I did!!  I spent Tuesday afternoon sewing the rest of the nine patches together, and then cut them up.  I have laid it out several times………trying to find the perfect balance, you know.

I am so excited though, to be this close to finishing it up.  My Katie (who this is for) has been ever so patient waiting for this quilt.

Let’s be honest here though, if you had asked me a year ago if I would ever be making my daughter a quilt, I would have laughed in your face!!   🙂   It is true what they say about that quilting ‘bug’.  It is a very contagious disease, and I am infected!!  🙂 heheheh!!

If it wasn’t for those precious pre-cuts though, I think I might still be afraid of quilting!!  🙂

Here is my progress as it is right now….


If the day goes as planned, i will have this baby put together!  Then I will be back here asking opinions about borders and quilting!  🙂

In case you are wondering….I used Sweet, by Urban Chicks (Moda) charm packs.

What are you working on??

In case you haven’t figured it out yet…..

I am a beginner.  As in-I have NEVER quilted a thing in my life!   For real!  Mom taught all of us girls to sew growing up, and I hated it.  Could care less about it and literally hoped and prayed I wouldn’t EVER have to do it again!!!  Somehow, I got roped in to opening a quilt shop with Mom, (still confused a little on how it happened)   🙂    and have fallen in love with this world.  You know, the quilting world.  And believe me when I say it is a WORLD all it’s own!  I have met the nicest people while hanging out and I am happy to admit I have been bitten by the bug……(yes, it’s a bug.  OBVIOUSLY very contagious.  really)  I sewed my very first quilt top.  Just imagine me, a little embarrassed and a LOT excited!

I had heard about the disappearing nine patch on a ton of blogs…. Natalie did a baby quilt and showed me the basics.  Instantly I knew this was the quilt for me.  It looks like a TON of work, but it is actually very basic and easy.  So, I bought 3 charm packs and started to sew.

Charm packs make it easy because there is minimal cutting and instant results.  And I am all about instant results! 🙂  If you haven’t tried the disappearing nine patch DO IT!  It is so fun and amazing.  Really, I felt like I could really sew!  I am still not convinced I am a quilter…….but I am getting more used to the idea.     🙂    (I mean, I have always admired quilters and girls with sewing skills…I just never thought I would be among them!)  But,  I had a blast and I can’t wait to finish it!   I am actually thinking about more ideas….different quilts I want to do and try….

Disappearing 9 patch top

And in case you are interested, in the forums they are talking about doing a virtual sewing bee…..*squeal* this is it, Girls!  This is our year!!  All you ‘non-sewers  let us unite.  We can be quilters too!!  🙂   Go pick out a favorite charm pack and lets do this together!  :)Here is a picture of my finished top.  I used Sweet, by Urban Chik’s. (obsessed much?  Ok, so I like Urban Chik’s…. A Lot.)  Is it healthy?  Doubtful.  But I do love them.   I think I might get 3 more charm packs and double the size…..hmmm  I will let you know.  🙂

Hope you have a fabulous day Ladies!!


The Amazing Dissapearing Nine Patch!

p2200001I was browsing the web recently and found a tutorial on line for the “Disappearing Nine Patch”!  I just had to try it…and guess what..?? It works and it is so easy! It makes you feel like a million bucks!

For this project I used one Hello Betty Charm Pack.

The first thing you do is lay them all out and organize them into nine patches. Traditionally, the nine patch has five darks and four lights. I just matched up squares I thought would look good together, sewed them together and I think it turned out really nice.

Next you take your rotary cutter and cut your nine patch in half, then in half again….and you will have this….

p2200002p2200003Now you can turn your squares…and there you have it…the disappearing nine patch!  Be creative…you can do this any way you want to. There are several different ways to lay this out. I will be trying different patterns and will post them when they are ready! So here’s the layout we finally decided on for this quilt….p2200016I am adding borders and will show you a picture of that when I am done, and before I quilt it!!

Can I just say that I LOVE this quilt!  It looks like a ton of work, but it isn’t!!