DIY Pillows. Yes, they made my week!

The other day (Tuesday, to be exact) Meg from Brassy Apple (love her) did a little tutorial on making pillows out of old  sweaters!  I couldn’t believe how cute they were, so I loaded up my Boy and went to the thrift store. {I was so confident that I could actually DO this!!}   I found three PERFECT sweaters, came home (washed them of course) and put these pillows together in less than 2 hours!!  I KNOW!  2 hours!  I am BEYOND proud of myself.  {and they match my living room perfectly!}

I have several other fun, cute easy things I am working on.  These pillows really made my week, though!  Sometimes I just get so caught up in my BIG projects that take (way) longer than 2 hours, it was just nice to start and finish something AND enjoy the result instantly!  So, yay for quick and easy projects!

This weekend I am going to tackle a few of the bigger ones, and don’t worry i’ll be posting more pictures as I get things crossed off that LIST of mine!  {is it just me, or does snow storms help with the whole ‘staying in and getting stuff done’ issue I sometimes have?}

Because I can’t help myself, here is one more picture of the pillows I made.  (yes, Mom…I made these all by myself!)

Have a wonderful weekend.  I hope you are able to create and do something fun!