MSQC hits the big time! We are on a Billboard!??! Pinch me.

It is  Un-imaginable!  But it’s true, ya’ll!  We have our VERY OWN billboard!  We didn’t even know how to do it, but the guys at adstruc were super nice (Thanks John!), and helped answer any questions we had as we found our billboard for a great price, and we figured why not, we’d try it! I honestly never thought we would have a billboard, but what a way to kick off 2011 🙂

If you are in rural Illinois and find the billboard, take a picture and send it over, I’d love to see more pics 🙂 As it was I was dying to see a picture….and look what I just got:

Quilters Daily Deal billboard

Now, lets be serious here for a minute…  I’d order packages everyday if they were delivered by that guy!  Right!??!  🙂  (just kidding)   kind of.

So, if you are driving in the car and happen to see this…Would you mind pulling off the road and getting a picture (with you in it, that would be lovely) I’d love to have a little feature…YOU and the billboard.  Doesn’t that sounds fabulous?

Anyway, what do you think?  Do you like it?