Sweethearts for you….

If you remember a while back we gave away thousands of ‘Sweethearts’ Charm packs by Benartex.  We FELL in-love with this line!  We have had several custom quilts that we’ve made for customers and sold even more than we thought possible!  🙂

Jenny (my Mama) just finished this beauty to show off our easy-breezy charm pack quilt pattern.  I just thought you’d like to see the fun-bright colors that are awaiting you in the pack of awesomeness!  (in case you haven’t opened yours yet!)

And if you’ve found yourself needing another we just got them back in stock!!!

Have you made anything out of your free one yet?  We would love to see pictures!  Tell us about it and upload them into the forums!!

Have a happy Monday!!  {and if you are living in one of the areas affected by the snow/ice stay safe and warm!!}