New Friday Tutorial: The Hunter’s Star Quilt

New Friday Tutorial: The Hunter’s Star Quilt

Learn the east way to make the beloved Hunter's Star Quilt!

Do you ever see a quilt and you’re just knocked down by how beautiful and then become completely discouraged thinking it’s way too difficult to ever be able to make yourself? You may think this is one of those quilts, but it’s not! It’s the Hunter’s Star Quilt and it’s stunning and WAY easier than you would ever think!!

This features the gorgeous¬†Tucker Prairie Layer Cake by One Canoe for Moda Fabrics! Don’t you just love it??

Jenny Doan makes the Hunter's Star Quilt so easy!

Have you already decided which fabrics you’ll use to create this one? Let us know in the comments!

Easy Hunter's Star Quilt Tutorial!


9 minutes into the video, Jenny shows a diagram of the 2 differently oriented blocks. Here’s the diagram!

Easy Hunter's Star Quilt Tutorial!

Click on the button to watch the tutorial and see all the supplies that Jenny used to make this stunning quilt!

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  • Sharon Ruth Beeghly

    this is on my to do list. thanks for another way to make the hunter star with charms or layer cakes

  • Yvonne Haynie

    Does anyone notice the pattern page says 77×84″ but Jenny says it will make 80×100″ quilt just wondering which it is before i begin cutting out.

  • Beverly Molyneux

    I think it would have to be the 77×84″ just based on my rough estimates of each block’s finished size. The four-patch would end up being 9.5×9.5 and since the star patches have to be of equivalent size, that would mean each row once all sewn together would be @ 63″ plus the inner and outer borders, right???