Triple Play! Spools

Natalie, Jenny, and Misty and their triple play spools quilts for Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Did you know? The world’s biggest spool of thread is located right here in Hamilton, Missouri! It’s 22 feet tall, 8 feet wide, and wrapped with ONE MILLION yards of thread. Come for a visit, and you can add a few yards of your own!

Jenny’s Design

World's Largest Spool quilt by Missouri Star Quilt Company.

It’s no secret we love thread, so our newest Triple Play tutorial is all about spools! We’re using charm packs, layer cakes, and 2.5 inch strips to create big spools, little spools, and everything in between! Fun fact: Jenny’s larger-than-life spool quilt pattern is actually a jelly roll race, and it’s so fun to make! 

Natalie’s Design

Sassy Spools quilt by Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Misty’s Design

Happy Little Spools quilt by Missouri Star Quilt Company.

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