Brighten your Home – Easy Quilting Decor Projects

Admit it, there comes a time in every quilter’s journey where they have to step back and realize they have too many quilts. Fortunately for the quilting community as a whole, quilters are incredibly generous people who give with love and share their talents with friends and family, wrapping them in the warmth of their craft. Sometimes though it’s nice to make something for yourself, stitch in a little of your own creativity and create something that is positively and uniquely you.

Quilting doesn’t have to be limited to just quilts. There is a world of options available that require no more skill than what you have already mastered in your traditional quilts. If you’re anything like us though, you want to be surrounded by quilts all day, every day! So thread your sewing machines and get ready to decorate with these fabulous and simple DIY Home Decor Quilting Projects:

Little Stitches Wall Hanging

A perfect edition to any sewing or craft room, the Little Stitches Wall Hanging will not only brighten up your work space, but also share your love of quilting with guests! The curved piecing really adds an incredible flair to this piece and Jenny’s Tutorial will teach you how to accomplish it with ease!

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National Parks Panel

Show some love for the great outdoors by bringing this phenomenal collection from Riley Blake into your home. The possibilities are endless with such a gorgeous print, but Misty has some great starter ideas from pillows to canvas prints in the LIVE tutorial!

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Inside Out Heart Wall Hanging

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, a fresh heart shaped wall hanging will surely bring a posh new look into your home! All you’ll need for this simple design is a layer cake of 10″ squares and some background fabric. Join Jenny as she teaches you how to quickly and easily make the necessary half-square triangles to create this wonderful scrap-busting wall hanger!

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Stars and Stripes Table Runner

It’s never too early to start planning out your next holiday sensation! This Stars and Stripes Table Runner will undoubtedly be a hit at your next Independence Day event and the best news is, it’s incredible easy to create! Based off a previous design by Jenny herself, join Misty on Missouri Star LIVE as she demonstrates how to stitch up this cute and patriotic table runner.

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Jelly Roll Rug

Bring on the colors! All you need to make this bright, colorful rug is a Jelly Roll and some Quilt Batting! Each time guests step into your home, they’ll be sure to comment on the bright and vibrant rug that greets them. Watch the tutorial to see how Jenny makes this beautiful piece of home decor and don’t be afraid to pick your own colors and start your rug today!

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Your home is a reflection of your personality. Why not make each piece of home decor a reflection of your love for crafts, quilting and sewing!

What’s your favorite piece of quilting home decor?

Triple Play! Evening Stars, Luminary & Cottage Stars

We’re starting a new tradition here at Missouri Star: Triple Play! Once a month, Jenny, Misty, and Natalie will each demonstrate their own, unique take on a classic MSQC pattern.

Jenny’s Design

First up? Wonky Stars! Jenny incorporates those whimsical stars into a tiny-house table runner.

Misty’s Design

Misty goes country-cozy with a big, traditional quilt featuring 4-patch star centers.

Natalie’s Design

Natalie leans modern with a non-block layout featuring big Wonky Stars!

As always, each of these projects is quick, easy, and fun! Click HERE to choose a favorite!

Organizing the New Year – Scrap Busting Quilt Ideas

Getting organized to start your new year off fresh is an important step in making the most out of your quilting. A clear work space promotes not only creativity, but motivation to finish that UFO that’s been sitting in the corner since last New Year’s! After your room is tidy and all your fabrics are neatly labeled, what can be done with the stash of scraps that you’ve been stockpiling?

Here are some great quilt ideas to utilize that growing pile of scraps:

String Quilt

Piece together all those extra scraps to make a String Quilt. In the Missouri Star LIVE Tutorial, Jenny and Misty demonstrate how to make this incredibly simple, yet aesthetically pleasing quilt using no more than what you’ve squirreled away from your previous projects and some 10″ Paper Piecing Squares!

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Tiny Wonky Stars Quilt

Use some extra solid yardage and scraps to create a fun and simple pattern that has no color limitations! Each star can be unique, or for a bigger challenge, try making a star to represent each of your past projects!

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Mini Rhombus Table Runner

Maybe your stash isn’t quite ready for a full size quilt, but you still want to cash in on that stockpile opportunity. Take the extra squares from Charm Packs to make this funky Mini Rhombus Table Runner to add some color and creativity to your dining room table!

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Stash Busting with Style with Monique Jacobs Class

Craving more ideas? No worries! Missouri Star Academy offers an educational course with our fabulous instructor, Monique Jacobs! Answering real questions from real quilters, Monique gives you great tips and ideas to help you become the expert in what you like and why you like it—inspiring and empowering you to make beautiful quilts with your newfound stash savvy. As a fabric and pattern designer with an expert eye for color and prints, she invites you to dig into your stash, pull out those favorite fabrics you have tucked away for just the right quilt, and settle in for a class that will help you put your stash to use, finally!

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There’s no need to feel limited by your scraps! With a little creativity you can take all the leftovers from your past works to something new.

What’s your favorite Scrap Busting Project?

Around the Square Quilt

A little precision is good for the soul.  Neat vacuum lines in the carpet. Deep green rows of meticulously mowed grass. Quilt blocks with well-pressed seams and razor-sharp points. All that order just feels nice.

If you crave a little precision, this week’s new quilt fits the bill! Jenny demonstrates how to achieve perfect points with just a touch of careful trimming. Easy peasy! Click HERE to watch the tutorial!

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