A fairytale….

Wasn’t the wedding amazing?  I know, I know….some people will think I am crazy for getting up so early to watch, but I just had to.

The bonus was she {the wedding, actually} kept me on the treadmill an extra 30 mins.  So you see, I was also improving my over all health as well.  *snicker

What is it with our obsession with ‘Royalty’ ?  For me it is just the idea of the fairytale.  It is so fun to see the lives they lead.  I am sure that they wish sometimes to just live normally, like we all wish to be them for the day.  Wouldn’t it be great to trade?  {just for a bit}

Anyway, if you haven’t heard yet Quilt Market is happening in less than 2 weeks!  HOLY FABRIC!  I am so looking forward to being there and meeting up with all of our ‘Fabric Celebrities’!  Yes, yes Market is like the Oscars of the fabric/sewing/quilting world!!  It is so fun to see and meet the newest designers.  To see the new stuff.

I’m not gonna lie, I totally get ‘star struck’ when I am there too!!  My first time at Quilt Market I had a list of people that I idolized and couldn’t wait to meet!  Sandi Henderson, Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Sandy Gervais, The girls from Sweetwater and Anna Maria Horner to name just a few.  They were all so, so sweet.

Funny though, now my list is bigger {as the quilting world grows} and am even more excited to go than I was the first time!!

I can’t even make a list now as it would be HUGE!

Who do you want to meet?  What would you say to them?  Is there anything about Market you are dying to know about????  I can try to get you the inside scoop, if you want.  Ask away, and I will try my darnedest to get answers!!

I hope you have a ‘fairy tale’ weekend!


ps. I can’t stop talking in an English accent.  I say, today we shall all speak in one. Please join me.  {see, I told you.}  I suppose now I will go clean my baaathroooom.

Anna Maria Horner and Heather Bailey…*be still my heart*

Man, us girls had a blast at Market…..Just imagine a ton of people together sharing a common love for something.  Ahh, wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all quilted? (and loved fabric??)  Teeheeheh, I know not that funny….but really.  It was pretty cool to get to be with so many in the industry, hoping beyond hope that some of their creativity would rub off on you!  (that was me anyway.)


We had so much fun talking with the designers and hearing about all the things that inspire them…..the new fabric.  Oh, the new fabric.  It was Heaven I tell you.  Heather Bailey, literally made my heart skip a beat.  Her booth was amazing.  Her fabric line was AMAZING….shoot, she is just one creative power house! I had to buy her line.  It is called Nicey Jane.  (named after her husbands Great Aunt (?) I think) She has a few new patterns coming out as well!  (So cute)  And we are making a big order of her felt.  The colors are delicious!  Not sure if you know this, but Westminster is going to be selling their stuff in the pre-cuts.  SO exciting!  Don’t worry…  I stocked up on it, so you will be sure to get what you need!

Oh, and Anna Maria Horner…..can I just say WOW.  She is gorgeous.  I mean, beyond beautiful….her baby is a sweetie too! 🙂  Her fabric this time was beautiful Voile’s and Dobby Dots.  More for dresses and things, but it is gorgeous.  If you are a seamstress it will be divine to work with!  It is so soft and light….It would also make a gorgeous lighter quilt.  Really, you just have to touch this stuff.


I have so much more to tell you about.  I have pictures and videos (like a million)  and I can’t wait to show you everything!

Quilt Market Chronicles – Episode 1 – Anna Horner!!

Anna Maria Horner - So Cute!
Anna Maria Horner – So Cute!

Just sat through a class with Anna Maria Horner where she was showing off some of her new fabrics and such.  You’re gonna love her new stuff!  I’ll get pictures of the fabric soon. 🙂  I asked her where she wanted to take her new line and she said that it was more of a clothing weight fabric – very flowy.  She was excited about the accompanying patterns that feature the fabric well this year too.  Fun fun!

Mini Quilts!

I have recently joined a few of the mini quilt swaps that are going on around the internet. It has been really fun to make mini quilts. Its totally new to me as I have always made larger quilts, or table runners. But, mini quilts are so small that you can really be creative and try out all kinds of new things. You can do things that seemed hard or too time consuming. I have experimented with embroidery, new blocks (Dresden plate!), free motion quilting, and using scraps in a creative way.  It is something I highly recommend! So, enjoy these pics of a few of my mini quilts!

My first Mini Quilt. I adapted a pattern for a pillow from a magazine! Its made with Anna Maria Horner’s Good Folks Fabric and measures 13 X 20. I did some free motion quilting on the squares then finished off the bottom of the quilt with an all over pattern called “just roses”. I love this one!
This was my first attempt at a Dresden plate! Of course, I used the nifty Dresden plate ruler! It is made using a Tranquility Charm pack and some solid yardage from my stash. It is quilted in an allover pattern we have here at the shop called “flower”. It measures approx. 25 X 20
This is my most recent mini quilt! It was made for Doll Quilt Swap 7. (Such a great swap group!) I used Riley Blake Fabric and after sewing a large four patch for my background, I appliqued the rings in a large circle using a blanket stitch. It is machine quilted using an allover pattern called “jills bubbles” It is adorable! It measures 24 X 25.

Making mini quilts is so  much fun…and you can try all kinds of quilting challenges out on a small scale! So, get brave and try something new! Then show us a pic in our forums!

Happy Quilting!

Fun Flower Pincushion

pic via Better Homes & Gardens

Jenny showed these to me last night and I just love them! Wouldn’t you love a whole garden of these little lovelies by Anna Maria Horner all over your sewing room!? Quick and easy tutorial can be found HERE! Another fun, fast project!


Also, I wanted to add that this pattern is in the AWESOME ‘Bookazine’ as I’ve heard it referred to.  Which by the way is the most amazing thing ever!  It has WAY too many to count, patterns and  projects.  IT. Will.  Knock. Your socks. OFF!  (guaranteed!)

Anyway, the magazine I am talking about is the new Bags, Pillows and Pincushions issue from American Patchwork & Quilting……Really.  IT is that good!  Oh and we have them at the shop!!  Come on in, Girls.  and get your copy.  Fast before they are gone!!

Okay, thats my little tid bit.  Thanks for letting me but (t) in your post Misty…..

Love,  Sarah