New Friday Tutorial: The Pins and Paws Quilt + Giveaway!

New Friday Tutorial: The Pins and Paws Quilt + Giveaway!

Make a Pins and Paws Cat Quilt with Jenny Doan!

There’s nothing quite like a cat. The silky fur. The incredible agility. The ability to doze peacefully atop my computer keyboard – right when I’m trying to type! They will adore you one minute and disdain you the next, but you just can’t help but love a cat. (In fact, they demand it.)

Make a Pins and Paws Cat Quilt with Jenny Doan!

Today’s tutorial is for an adorable quilt that your fluffy friend will definitely claim as his own in no time! Here’s a quick look at the details.

Make a Pins and Paws Cat Quilt with Jenny Doan!

Click on the button to watch the tutorial and learn how to make our adorable new cat-themed quilt, Pins & Paws!

Make a Pins and Paws Cat Quilt with Jenny Doan!

To go along with this tutorial, we also have a fun cat fabric giveaway! I don’t know if there could be anything more adorable than a cat quilt than a cat quilt made with cat fabrics!!

Cat Fabric Giveaway from Missouri Star Quilt Company!

We will select FIVE winners who will each receive a bundle of 10 half yard cuts of Cat Fabrics! Browse all of our Cat Fabrics and Enter to Win Below!

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  • Eve A Ward

    Hi! I would love to make this quilt (Pins & Paws) for my daughter. People at her work calls her the “Cat Lady”. You choose such neat and new ideas yet make them simplier for a person like me. I’m new to all of this and have been sewing as long as I have been quilting. I AM HAVING A BLAST!

    Thank You for all you do

    Eve A Ward

  • Lee Taylor

    I actually have a cat quilt for my daughter in the planning/brainstorming stage. I want it to be pink scrappy with random cat blocks thrown in, made of random cat fabrics. This would be sew puurrrrrfect!

  • Angel Karing

    10yards of cat fabric? I would make each of my 3 pups a dog bed!!! They would think they were just purrrfect, lol!!

  • Keshia Wilcox

    I’d make this quilt! So fun and cute!

  • Lori Crawford Ladd

    I just love this quilt!!!!! Super cute!

  • Debbie G

    I would probably make a purrfect kitty quilt.
    Thank you for offering this awesome prize!

  • Debbie Pearce

    I would make this as a tribute to my cat Precious whom I lost in a fire. She may not be with me now physically, but she is always with me in my heart. I will forever miss her.

  • M Tetlock

    I have been wanting to make my cat Lucy-Luu her own quilt ever since I finished the one for my dog Foxy. I just couldn’t find material I liked. This would be purrrfect!

  • Barbara Butts

    10 yards would give me a very good start on Christmas presents for next year. Thank you for the chance to win this fabric.

  • Alix Zeppel

    I would make my sister who is an Avid cat lover a gorgeous quilt! 🙂 (Or I would at least start it with that intention- and maybe finish it in 5 years time) 😛

  • QuilKaren Caponigro Verrill

    I would use the kitty fabric to make a bunch of small quilts to donate to the animal shelter!

  • Deborah Lambert-SevetsonSevets

    Jess here, to post about the giveaway: I would love to try making self-warming cat-nap-mats! My Dad got some reflective insulating wrap–>think mylar-covered bubblewrap, kind of. I think it would work great for the innards of a self-warming cat-nap-mat. Cushy fake fur on one side for winter, cool cat fabric on the other side for spring & fall: I presume the summer sun needs no help to warm a kitty’s bones! I can keep a couple for my un-sunny bedroom & see if any shelters need a fundraiser, or a warm place for their resident fur-babies. Ooooooh, now I’m getting a little charged up…. (posted by Jess on Mom’s/my mutual account. She holds/sometimes orders my stuff while I get my PhD. BTW, the Doctorate is going crazy, but I’m loving it!)

  • Deborah Lambert-SevetsonSevets

    Deb here. Unlike my daughter Jess, I think I would make a Yellow Brick Road quilt. I’ve been dying to try it but SOMEBODY (who shall remain nameless, if not quiltless) keeps coming out with terrific tutorials that I keep detouring to! I’ve just got to steel myself to…not…watch…not…no, don’t do it…don’t…noooo!

    Yeessss!!!! 😀 Of course, there’s always the Disappearing Hourglass 3. Or the butterfly quilt, done larger & with wider strips to show off the kitties……..

  • Tracy Long-Groves

    I would make a quilt for me.

  • Linda Losier

    Make lots of fun things. I would sew and quilt and have a jolly good time!!

  • Cheryl

    I love Missouri Star Quilt Company and your videos they help me so much! Thank you

  • WITCHY64

    I would make the Pins and Paws for a friend.

  • Laura Berardino

    I would make my favorite trip around the world.

  • Tayne Peirce

    gaze through MSQC YouTube site and look for original quilting ideas and make one!

  • Samantha Cruz

    I would make this quilt for my friend who adores her cat.

  • Shelley Holden

    Love all things kitty!

  • Terrie Grove

    I would make quilts for the local animal organizations to raffle off to help finance their needs. I have made a few in the past. I am also a cat owner and feed 13 feral cats and have tried to get them fixed. So I appreciate these places to take them and would like to give back.

  • Lynden

    My mom just lost her cat – “Miss Kitty” – of 17 years. I would so love to use this and make the kitty quilt for her. I will have to add a few solid black kitty blocks in honor of Miss Kitty.
    I think a photo label on the back would be the cat’s meow.

  • Ginger

    I would make a quilt of course..would love to try this 8 year old daughter would love it, I love your videos..I am a fabric addict..I have wanted to quilt for years..been watching your videos and I am going to attempt the pinwheel quilt out of my stash.thank you..

  • Stephanie Byrne

    I would make my sister, the crazy cat lady, a quilt!
    She would love it!

  • Marl8

    As a crazy catlady myself…. I LOVE this !!

  • Sharon Harmon

    What would I do with more fabric? Why made more quilts of course.
    Love the pattern and the fabric. Thank You for the chance

  • Dresden Glover

    I would lay the fabric all out on the table and drool over it as I dreamed up all the possibilities (pawsibilities?)!

  • Jennifer Hennes

    I would make a quilt or microwave bowl.

  • Jennifer Hennes
  • Doudouce

    nice giveaway….Thanks for the chance to win such nice material. its Awesome.

  • Susan Biddle

    I would make quilts! Specifically I want to finish some denim patchwork quilts.

  • Becca Hickman

    Totally making a kitty quilt!

  • Emily

    Like many commenters, I would probably make a cat quilt using your great block!

  • Jamie A

    If I am the lucky recipient of this fabric, I would definitely make this cat quilt! It’s so cute!! =)

  • Sharon Wolf

    I have had cats get taken by an owl last summer, and 3 out of 4 of my cats I still have are now old, 10 and older. My youngest is only 1 1/2 yrs old, and is very sweet. I would like to make a quilt showing each of my original cats I lost and still have, to remember them by.

  • Kathy Carlson

    I would make a kitty quilt for my granddaughters 2nd birthday coming up in April.

  • Mitzi Lantz

    Love the kitty quilt and tutorial

  • Judi Shea

    So much fabric, so little time. Here’s wishing I am the winner. So English Paper Piecing in my future?

  • Karen

    I would use the fabric to make the Pins and Paws quilt and donate it to the local Visiting Nurses Associate in memory of my mom.

  • Diane Torres

    I’d love to use them for I Spy charity quilts for our guild! So cute!

  • Jessie

    I would make a “Big Girl” quilt for my little girl Claire who turns 2 at the end of the month. She is getting ready for a big girl bed. This would be a perfect quilt for her because she is crazy about animals, especially “Mew Mews”!

  • Karen

    I’d certainly make a quilt!

  • Charlotte Whitley

    Wow, what I could do with that much free fabric. I am a new quilter and would love to use the fabric to improve my quilting skills. I’m definitely hooked on quilting.

  • Jamie Wickam

    I’m make a bunch of MSQC tutorials, of course!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Nichole Silva

    I would have to make this kitty quilt! How could I not?

  • kiss2222

    I would love to make 2 beds for my kitties. They are from the same home who abused them. I immediately became their mommy,never regretted at all.

  • Elizabeth Mitchell

    i have made a beautiful cat quilt will try to send you a photo soon love your website and emails ELIZABETH

  • Deboraha Danque

    This is so absolutely catabulous! It is currently on my list for my oldest granddaughter..she is a cat lover! I made her a baby quilt when she was born, but now that she’s older, it’s time to move up to a twin/full! Can’t wait to start it! Thank you for this GREAT quilt design!

  • Theresa

    Love the quilt design. And love the fabric! My cat, Molly, would definitely love it too