New Friday Tutorial: 2 for 1 Pinwheels

Learn to make this adorable 2 for 1 Pinwheel Quilt


I’m a multitasker, but not a very good one. I take down a load of laundry on my way to the cellar, but by the time I get there, I can’t remember what I needed in the first place! Potatoes? Canned peaches? A treat from my super-secret chocolate stash? We may never know!

The 2 for 1 Pinwheel Star is the ultimate multitasker. While you’re busy building one simple star, a second star appears out of nowhere – without any extra effort on your part!


Learn to make this 2 for 1 Pinwheel Block with Jenny from Missouri Star Quilt Co.


Click HERE to watch the tutorial!

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