More Progress….

So much fun stuff has been happening and going on and I am quite excited to share it with you all!

Last week was a week full of progress!  We got the walls painted, shelves painted, bathrooms painted, tile started, and even the awning painted!  We also got 60 tons of rock spread out on our parking lot and un-covered the old brick sidewalk!!  I KNOW!  BRICK!  So exciting!

Here are a few pictures to keep you up to speed on what is happening!

Adorable!!! Right!?

I chose this great turquoise color for the awning stripe, because I liked how it complimented the brick!  I was going to do a pink, but when I started ‘auditioning’ colors I just liked the turquoise better!  It’s a bit sloppy, though.  We were leaning over it (it is much bigger than you expect!) We even rigged up our own painting stick with duct tape!


 We will be finishing it up and getting better lines, soon!  LOL (you can see in the pic below!)
Painting and painting! Mom and Dad working on the check-out area!

This was a really late night, trying to cram as much as we could get done.  Painting the center check-out island!  Trying to bust it all out before carpet install begins!

This week we are getting carpet,new doors and windows and the main light fixtures up!

So, here you go!  A little peak into what has been consuming us for the past two weeks!  Throw in Mom and Dad’s crash, and you’d be safe to say we are exhausted!

Life just keeps getting more interesting, no doubt!

I do know one thing though, and it’s that we all feel so blessed!