My stack list of things to do today:

weed my flower bed, for one last time.

mow my yard

make cinnamon rolls


clean the house

start on a few Christmas gifts  (you know, of the quilting variety)

Do you ever feel completely over whelmed with what is on your ‘list’ ???  Today I am actually grateful that I have these things to do, cause that just means I am a blessed person.  (right….trying to keep perspective, here!)

This week is full of great things I want to share with you.  We got some new things in….the new Civil War Home front Charm packs, Layer cakes and Jelly rolls, (plus lots more new in!!!)  we finished the April Cornell honey bun quilt (just waiting to bind it now) and working on rearranging some things in the shop.  All fun things to share…

Now, I must get to work on that list….then on to the others!  Cause, let’s be honest….the other things are WAY more fun!

Are you a list person?