Keep ’em coming!

Hey all!

We’ve received so much great feedback about the Quilt-A-Thon for Quilts 4 Kids coming up on October 24th. Thank you so much for all the support, it truly is a GREAT cause. In case some of you newer quilters (ahem…like me) are feeling a bit shy, I thought I’d link to some super simple free patterns that are PERFECT for what we’re looking for. So here you go….

Also, check out our tutorials for some great  ideas. Remember to use up your scraps, keep it simple, and fill these quilts with love!

If you get a chance, we’d love for you to share your tops with us in the forum. Here’s a quilt top that toggpine, one of our members, put up. Isn’t it great!?

Thanks again everyone! Don’t forget that if you’re out of town you still have time to mail in your tops to us.  As for everyone else, we’ll see you in the shop!