Quilt Market recovery 101

So, I have good intentions….I mean really good intentions!  I intended on blogging this whole week.  Giving you the ‘Quilt Market” hook up….it just didn’t happen.  And, I am sorry!  Life gets in the way sometimes, you know.

We are knee deep in expansion remodel over here. It is wonderful and hectic all at the same time!  (don’t worry I will be posting pics as we finish things up)

Okay, I know I have mentioned this already…..BUT Heather Bailey’s booth was A-MAZING!  I loved the colors and the ‘feel’ of the whole thing.  And check out that dress….it was marvelous.

Trip-1Here is a little peak into a few of the Moda designers!!  Aren’t we just so lucky to have this amazing fabric to look forward to?  Boy, I can hardly stand it.

quilt marketLook close and you will see some Sandy Gervais, some Howard Marcus, Me and my Sister…..and uh, Me and my sisters and my Mom!  Hahah.  🙂  I love them.  ALL of them.  Have I said that already?  These designers are amazing…..so creative.  And they really know how to put this stuff together so you’ll want to buy it all!

Well, I  do have a ton more to show you.  Some celebrity sightings.  And luscious new stuff.  (oh and videos…..LOT’S of videos!)  Stay tuned.  It will happen.  {I swear}  🙂