Local Business Spotlight: Lakeview Golf Course

In 1958, a fun-going, strong-willed group of individuals within the community came together to establish the Lakeview Golf Course here in Hamilton, MO. Ever since, the course has been run entirely by course members and volunteers who work hard to keep it going!

As the name implies, Lakeview borders the town’s reservoir so there’s a gorgeous view all around. The course is 9 holes and measures over 3,118 yards, creating a layout that is quite challenging, making this the perfect place to learn control and build accuracy.

Lakeview holds a special place in the hearts of many that reside here in Hamilton and surrounding areas. The course has been a place of social gathering, bonding experiences for families and friends, and a place for our youth to learn and grow in the sport. Tournaments are held here in order to fund scholarships for those on the Penney High School golf team and Memorial tournaments are held to remember those who were an important part of the course in years’ past.

“The most important thing for me is to see people play, have a great experience, and find a sense of community.” says Kim Evans Carson, president. Kim has been a part of Lakeview since she was a child, playing on the course while her grandfather worked as a groundskeeper. She later played golf at Missouri Western where she finished her Music Education degree. Now, she lives and teaches in Independence, MO, but comes home on the weekends to fulfill her duties to the golf course in her hometown.

During her presidency, Kim hopes to keep the course in all its former glory while adding modern touches, gain more memberships that will create stronger bonds among family and friends, and reach out to the youth to encourage involvement in the sport as a place to learn and grow!

Plan your visit to Hamilton and stop in for a game of golf this summer! Follow their Facebook page for the latest updates and send them a message to get in touch!

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