I’m Baaaaaack!

Whew, it seems like I was gone forever!!  Basically, felt like that too.  But, I promise I am back and getting better!  Earlier this month I had a small surgery, thinking I’d be feeling fine over the weekend.  Not so much, I guess!  I had a few complications, but am happy to say that I am on the mend.  (dang, hernia.  i really thought I’d be better in no time)

Things got bad enough, that my Mama (you may know her as Jenny) *ha,ha,  came and stayed with us!  It was such a treat to have her here, I hated to feel better enough that she could get back to work to!  My kids were in Grandma- Heaven!!  Mom, got out her sewing machine and taught the girls more sewing tips!!  Ella, my 7 year old finished her very first quilt top!  One charm pack, a lot of pinning, and an extremely proud girl.

She was very glad that the machine had a speed adjustment.  (she has a bit of a lead foot) When Mom got her speed just right, Ella told her that she was definitely a ‘turtle’ sewer.  (on my machine it has a turtle and a rabbit, and you can slide it over to the speed you want!)  Totally cracked us up!

She worked so hard to keep her rows she laid out together and Grandma even showed her how to number them.  (she even had a few blocks to rip out)

Here she is, as proud as ever!!

Have you taught anyone to sew lately?  Isn’t it such a joy?

Hope you have a great Monday!