Show and tell, some more!

I am constantly impressed with all the projects you make and send me pictures of!!  Over and over again you out-do yourselves!!  Here is just a sampling of what I’ve gotten recently!

Prepare to be amazed!!

Made by Lois

Lois made this quilt, and said she was inspired by the Christmas Tree Skirt tutorial, but decided to make an adorable ‘tummy time’ quilt!  Love it!  I love how you can be inspired to make something different, by just seeing an idea!!  Way to go, Lois.

Next one I received is from Hema.  She says that she has only been quilting for nine months!  She said she used the flying geese tutorial and the fussy cutting tutorial, and this amazing ‘Sawtooth Star’ Wall hanging is what she came up with!  Gorgeous!  (look at those feathers!  Holy-wow!  Only nine months…no way!)

Great job, Hema!


I got an email (with pictures!!) from Cayla, saying that she had used the Jelly Roll race video to teach her sister in law how to quilt!  She said they just had a blast together, picking out the fabric and sewing all night!  I just LOVE to hear stories like this! Teaching someone to quilt, is truly a delight.  Talk about a fun way to spend time together and really strengthen relationships!!

Here is what they accomplished that night:

You two had way too much fun!! I love both of those quilts!! Great job!

Thank you all for sharing with us!! I really, truly LOVE seeing what you are up to, and what you create!  Being part of a creative community is just the best thing in the world!

Hope you all have a great week!

We’ll talk soon!


ps.  If you’ve sent me a picture, but don’t see it here, don’t stress.  It will be up here eventually!  I have lots more coming!!