Fun Stuff Monday….

This weekend was busy with family stuff, hanging out- cooking- eating-cleaning.  You know, the FUN stuff!!  It is rarely dull around here when we all get together!!  🙂

We had a lot of this going on:   img_8492

That led to these being made:

And OH MY- these were good!  (carrot cake cupcakes, with cream cheese frosting!)


I swear…they were GOOD!  🙂

Of course us girls couldn’t get away without a little crafting on the side…..

So a few of these were made:

ctjhvjhg1We just had a blast making them…..we used the fabric covered button kits, and made hair ties and clips out of them!  (for back to school, of course!)  We will do a whole write up tutorial on them later and show you just how fun and easy they are to do!!  I can’t wait to make more!

img_8452 Found some AWESOME vintage sheets….  Now we are trying to decide what to make….Skirts-shirts-quilts-  Decisions, decisions!!  🙂  Any ideas?  Please sharee.  {we like sharing}  🙂

Oh, and one more WIP.  (yes, I know….I have quite a few of those)  I am so excited about it though….It is going to be amazing.


Do you understand now what I mean?!!?  Is this NOT the coolest picture frame!?!?  Oooh, I had so many ideas for it….I have settled on what I am going to do….now to finish it!

This week, I swear, I will have it ready to show you.  🙂

SO, how was your weekend?  Did you fill it up like crazy, or did you just hang out and relax?  DO you have a million WIP’s (like me) or are you keeping up with your stuff!??!  I’d love to know…..let’s discuss!

Happy Monday!