Sleeping like a princess!


Phoebe has been very excited this week 🙂  She just got a new nightgown made from Ponies & Princesses from David Textiles100_1143

We picked up this fabric from the
Missouri Star Quilt Co.
about a month ago and finally got around to making
this adorable nightgown of my own design.

We pleated the neckline in the front and back


With a simple button closure and a great comfortable shape


This is a perfect little nightgown for any little girl.

Here’s my debate, I’m working on several patterns, should this be one of them?

Tell me what you think is it worth patterning?  100_1147

I think the kitty likes 🙂  It gets him a little extra happiness & play time!

I think it’s pretty cute.  I love the scoop neckline and little gathered sleeves.  And Phoebe let me french braid her hair to take pictures in it so I’m thinking it’s like a little magic secret weapon!

“Come on honey, let’s put on your pretty castles and unicorn nightgown and put your hair in pretty braids!”  Then it’s all smiles and happiness right! 🙂

Hehe, we’ll see how that theory holds up!