Fun Stuff Monday….

This weekend was busy with family stuff, hanging out- cooking- eating-cleaning.  You know, the FUN stuff!!  It is rarely dull around here when we all get together!!  🙂

We had a lot of this going on:   img_8492

That led to these being made:

And OH MY- these were good!  (carrot cake cupcakes, with cream cheese frosting!)


I swear…they were GOOD!  🙂

Of course us girls couldn’t get away without a little crafting on the side…..

So a few of these were made:

ctjhvjhg1We just had a blast making them…..we used the fabric covered button kits, and made hair ties and clips out of them!  (for back to school, of course!)  We will do a whole write up tutorial on them later and show you just how fun and easy they are to do!!  I can’t wait to make more!

img_8452 Found some AWESOME vintage sheets….  Now we are trying to decide what to make….Skirts-shirts-quilts-  Decisions, decisions!!  🙂  Any ideas?  Please sharee.  {we like sharing}  🙂

Oh, and one more WIP.  (yes, I know….I have quite a few of those)  I am so excited about it though….It is going to be amazing.


Do you understand now what I mean?!!?  Is this NOT the coolest picture frame!?!?  Oooh, I had so many ideas for it….I have settled on what I am going to do….now to finish it!

This week, I swear, I will have it ready to show you.  🙂

SO, how was your weekend?  Did you fill it up like crazy, or did you just hang out and relax?  DO you have a million WIP’s (like me) or are you keeping up with your stuff!??!  I’d love to know…..let’s discuss!

Happy Monday!

KC Star fun!

I’ve been having a great time working on the Kansas City Star Quilt!

This is a quilt pattern that is provided free through the Kansas City Star newspaper on a monthly basis.  They do a new one every year and the patterns usually have a historical link of some kind.  I’m really excited to see the new blocks each month.  I’ve been using the provided fabrics from the Missouri Star Quilt Company, and watching Amy’s (our resident applique specialist!) sample blocks closely, and working hard to try to stay at least close to on time! Hahaha!  I’m already two months back since the May block just came out 🙂

These blocks are done in period style fabrics, I’m thinking it would be pretty cool to see one done in brights just for the fun of it!

This is my January Block


and  February’s


and March


April and May are still in the bag.  😀

I’m working on it, but it’s exciting to know that when I’m through I will have a serious treasure, that would have been quite an ordeal to attempt if I was picking up the pattern as a whole and trying to do it all at once.

Not impossible

I know 🙂 but very intimidating!