Disappearing Pinwheel Baskets Quilt

Disappearing Pinwheel Baskets

Are you familiar with disappearing blocks? The Disappearing Pinwheel, the Disappearing Hourglass, the Disappearing 4-Patch, etc, etc, etc!

Disappearing Pinwheel Baskets

Here’s how it works: Make a nice, traditional block. Then chop it up, rearrange the pieces, sew ‘em back together, and presto-change-o! You have a gorgeous, super-intricate block that looks like a million bucks!

Disappearing Pinwheel Baksets

This week, Jenny is working on Disappearing Pinwheel Baskets. Yes, this block looks like a flower basket with a sweet little pinwheel bloom, but more importantly, when you put all your blocks together, a border and sashing will magically appear  – no extra work required! Click HERE to watch the tutorial!

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