All things Stormy!

Since it has been raining here, in Missouri, for the last three days, I thought I would create a theme for this post. All things stormy! Or maybe I should say all things water-night-ish.

Collage rain

1. Day for Night Jelly Roll 2. Salt Water – Ocean Ponies Coral 3. Catch of the Day Layer Cake

4. 5 ” Tumbler Template 5. Twisted Starry Night Pattern

6. Dancing in the Rain Charm Pack

And since I missed last Friday’s Fabric Friday due to 260 new bolts of fabric!! I’m going to beg your forgiveness with a few more water themed fabrics.

Catch of the Day


Dancing in the Rain


Pirate Matey’s


Spot on Beach Ball Colorstory


Hope everyone else is staying dry!