A Visit from Scotland!

We were so excited about this pair of friends who were shopping in Hamilton today that we wanted to share their story with you!

Meet Margaret Digance from Kingseat, Scotland. She’s a retired School Assistant for special needs kids ages 11-16 years old.

She’s never quilted, though she first “bumped into” quilting 12 years ago. She and her husband were staying in a hotel in Canada and all of the rooms were full because of a quilting convention. (Easy to imagine, right?! Ha!)

According to Margaret, people don’t quilt in Scotland. They knit, crochet and embroider because of all the wool.

margaret 2

Margaret had never heard of Missouri Star or Jenny until her friend Julie, who lives in Kansas City, brought her up today.  They sent the men to the golf course, too! Can you believe the men thought the ladies would only be here for a few hours?! Haha!

These photos are from the Penney’s Quilt Shop store (which we’ll profile in the next Hamilton Visitor’s Guide post).

Margaret said “it was like sweet shoppe” and she was “gob-smacked” at all of the color. So cool! She says she loves the pale pastels like duck egg (the American equivalent would be “robin’s egg” blue. Ha!) She fell in love with the dresden bag and the modern patterns in the shop.

We LOVED meeting you, Margaret and Julie! Until we see you again, happy stitching!