Precut Tuesday!

Precut Tuesday!

Ducks in a Row by American Jane for Moda

Ducks in a row



1. Kona Cotton Solids – Bone Yardage 2. Kona Cotton – Canary Yardage

3. Kona Cotton – Tomato Yardage 4. Kona Cotton – Peridot Yardage

Hapi by Amy Butler for Moda


1. Kona Cotton – Peacock Yardage 2. Kona Cotton – Jade Green Yardage

3. Designer Solids – Manatee Yardage 4. Designer Solids – Black Yardage

Weeds by My Sister and Me for Moda



1. Bella Solids – Betty’s Red Yardage 2.Bella Solids – White Bleached Yardage

3. Bella Solids – Pewter Yardage 4. Bella Solids – Black Yardage

Happy Matching!


  • Karin Vail

    I would love if Moda listed the coordinating solids on their precuts – that would be so helpful!

  • mamasan

    I am so hoping I’ll be able to get to Hamilton this fall. Don’t know though,Every Friday’s tutorial show cases a new quilt I need to make. What I want to ask is what is the Newsletter? Is it different than the blog or the daily deal? Please let me know as I don’t want to miss a single thing. Thanks kathy