Meet Missouri Star: Marissa & Sarah Sue

Welcome to the first installment of “Meet Missouri Star” where we introduce you some pretty awesome people- our staff! In this series, we’ll cover all departments and profile each and every employee. Look for a new post each Monday!

Today we’re off to the new Penney’s Quilt Shop, home to all of the solids and basics fabrics here at Missouri Star. Here, we’ll meet two cheerful ladies who work in the shop, cutting and fulfilling orders for a rainbow of fabrics!



Marissa is a cashier in Penney’s Quilts and is also responsible for pulling bolts and cutting internet orders that include solids or basics. She covers a lot of ground in a day, locating all of those bolts for cutting!

Do you sew? If so, what sort of projects do you make?  My grandmother-in-law recently gave me a sewing machine so I can start learning. My first project is going to be a table runner.

Favorite type of fabric: Modern, baby and also the Stonehenge line of fabric from Northcott. (pictured below)

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Best thing about working for MSQC: The best thing about working for Missouri Star is I don’t dread getting up in the morning. Instead, I look forward to learning something new and meeting new people everyday. The work I do is definitely hard, but I really don’t mind because I’m surrounded by laughter and a love for art from people all over the country and the people I work with are amazing. It’s a fun, positive environment to work in. I’m glad to be a part of such a wonderful company.






Sarah Sue

Sarah Sue picks and cuts fabrics for internet and shop orders and she is a machine quilt operator, too! Her time with MSQC started a year and a  half ago and she credits her family for the job training! She says, “Having a big family helped me become a sociable person and taught me how to work hard, both of these factors are key in working in MSQC.” Her favorite type of fabric is anything BRIGHT, but she’s especially drawn to Moda Bella Solids in any shade of blue


For more detail, let’s hear from Sarah herself:

Do you sew? “I do sew and really got into it after I started working with fabric and seeing all the different things I could make. I began with a baby blanket from a charm pack and then moved on to making queen and king sized quilts for family members. My second favorite creation was a personalized two person quilt for my parents’ bed. On one side of the quilt is old cars and route 66 signs for my dad, and the other side is tulips for my mom (tulips are her favorite flower). But my ultimate favorite was a quilt my sisters and I made for my dad’s birthday. It is a replica of the American Flag. It’s queen size wide but longer to be as close to the actual flag as possible. We even took the time to appliqué 50 stars for each state. And then I quilted it with bald eagles, which for my family is an American symbol of freedom, and rising through adversity.”

Favorite work story? “After I quilted and bound my dad’s flag quilt it got to hang in the shop for a while, right behind me on the wall while I worked the quilting machine. Because I saw it basically all day, I would hum or whistle patriotic songs to myself while working. I had a veteran compliment me and tell me how grateful they were that I respected what our country stands for and that I wasn’t afraid of showing that in public 🙂 It still makes me smile that I was able to bring such joy to someone who in turn made me happy!”

Best thing about working for MSQC: “The people! My employers are AMAZING! I love them to death and I look forward to work every day! My co-workers are also AMAZING and–even after a 9 month long break for school–we crack jokes and have so much fun together like nothing has changed! Best of all, though, are the people I get to serve everyday. People whose online orders I fill, people who come into the store, people I never would have met or heard their stories if I didn’t work at MSQC and participate in the wonderful, wide, and versatile world of quilting!”


Next Monday, we’ll head over to the long arm quilting building to profile a few of the wonderful quilters there!