Enhance Your Next Project with a Hint of Red

You know it’s fall when the scenery changes from green to brown with vibrant hints of red. When walking along a pond bank, you can’t see much under the waters, but you can always catch a glimpse of the red koi fish. The red line of a rainbow is always the first to draw in your attention and there are many kinds of fruit trees, but only the splotches of red in an apple tree are able to be spotted from afar.

Red is a color of intensity. It symbolizes passion, love, strength, energy, and desire. Make simple colors pop by mixing in hints of this fiery hue into your next project!

Go Modern with Red, Black, and White

Red, Black, and White Color Combination

Placing a flamboyant color such as red next to the monochromatic shades of white and black creates an attraction like no other. It’s no wonder we find them used in road signs, advertising, and even nature as warning signals to predators. Just look at the coral snake… typically, my fear of snakes prevents me from seeing their beauty, but I have to admit the smooth black, white, and red scales of the coral snake have me mesmerized.

Check our collection of reds, white and black and create an eye-catching masterpiece!

Get Whimsical using Red and Teal

Red and Teal Color Combination

Take a look at that picture. Are your eyes drawn to the red or the teal? Not sure? Both maybe?

That’s because being just one spot away from being polar opposites on the color spectrum, there seems almost an equal attraction to the warm and cool shades. This color combination has a way of cooling down the red and warming up the teal so the two don’t become overwhelming, but instead just incredibly gorgeous!

Explore our reds and teals and get started on your next project!

A Comforting Pair of Red and Navy

Red and Navy Color Combination

For those of us whom live in the states, this patriotic pair is a comforting duo. Although, being two of the three primary colors, these colors together still create a powerful attraction for those all over the world.

Red and navy like to be dramatic, so find your favorites and place them side by side in your next project to create quite the fuss! Check out our tutorial playlist for ideas!

Use Red and Silver to Create an Elegant Look

Red and Silver

These two colors are classic. The essence of elegance. Red and silver are the way to go if you prefer a quieter look. Red can be loud, but silver will tone it down while still keeping it’s beauty.

Browse reds and silvers to create a timeless treasure!

What color do you pair with red?
Post a picture or tell us in the comments!

Precut Tuesday!

Ducks in a Row by American Jane for Moda

Ducks in a row



1. Kona Cotton Solids – Bone Yardage 2. Kona Cotton – Canary Yardage

3. Kona Cotton – Tomato Yardage 4. Kona Cotton – Peridot Yardage

Hapi by Amy Butler for Moda


1. Kona Cotton – Peacock Yardage 2. Kona Cotton – Jade Green Yardage

3. Designer Solids – Manatee Yardage 4. Designer Solids – Black Yardage

Weeds by My Sister and Me for Moda



1. Bella Solids – Betty’s Red Yardage 2.Bella Solids – White Bleached Yardage

3. Bella Solids – Pewter Yardage 4. Bella Solids – Black Yardage

Happy Matching!


Precut Tuesday!

Garden Party Tango by for Windham

Garden Party tango


1. Cuddle 3 – Dusty Rose 60″ Minky Yardage 2. Kona Cotton – Cerise Yardage

3. Kona Cotton – Coral Yardage 4. Kona Cotton – Aqua Yardage

Venezia by Michele D’Amore for Benartex



1. Bella – White Bleached Yardage 2. Kona Cotton – Stratosphere Yardage 

3. Kona Cotton – Prussian Yardage 4. Bella – Black Yardage

Vintage Verona by for Riley Blake

Vintage Verona


1. Kona Cotton – Snow Yardage 2. Kona Cotton – Blueberry Yardage

3. Kona Cotton – Melon Yardage 4. Kona Cotton – Navy Yardage

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Precut Tuesday!

Ambrosia by Jennifer Young for Benartex


Ambrosia collage

1. Kona Cotton – White Yardage 2. Designer Solids – True Red Yardage 3. Designer Solids – Hot Rose Yardage

4.Designer Solids – Aqua Yardage

American Basic for Windham

American basic

American Basic collage

1. Kona Cotton – White Yardage 2. Designer Solids – True Red Yardage 3. Bella Solids Royal Yardage

Summer Breeze by Bella BLVD for Riley Blake

Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze collage

1. Kona Cotton – Aqua 2. Designer Solids – Rose Yardage 3. Cuddle 3 – Canary 60″ Minky

4. Cuddle 3 – Apple Green 60″ Minky

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Precut Tuesday!


Did you miss me?

Collection for a Cause – Mill Book 1852

CFAC_mill Book

Cotton Supreme Solids – Tree Trunk Yardage

CFAC Mill book 1852

1. Bella Solids – Ivory Yardage 2. Kona Cotton – Natural Yardage

3. Cotton Supreme Solids – Strawberry Red Yardage 4. Cotton Supreme Solids – Maroon Yardage

Ty Pennington Fall 2013 for Free Spirit

Ty Pennington 2014Ty pennington 2014_solids

1. Kona Cotton – Papaya Yardage 2. Kona Cotton – Navy Yardage

3. Designer Solids – Crystal 4. Designer Solids – Aqua Yardage

Verde by Studio 8 for Quilting Treasures



1. Kona Cotton – White Yardage 2. Cotton Supreme Solids – Silver Screen Yardage

3. Kona Cotton – Tarragon Yardage 4. Kona Cotton Solids – Grass Green Yardage

Hope it helps!