Introducing Couch to Quilt: How to Become a Quilter

Introducing Couch to Quilt: How to Become a Quilter

Quilting is so many things to so many people. It’s an artform, it’s therapeutic, it’s kindness, and most of all, it’s love. We quilt to express ourselves, to show love to others and even after we’ve given a quilt to pretty much everyone we know, then we start donating quilts to people we don’t know because we just can’t stop quilting! We are a passionate people!

When you’re passionate about something that brings joy into your life, you just can’t help but try and share that joy with everyone you meet. That is why creating tutorials has become so important to us. We see your comments every day about how you did it when you didn’t think you could, or how our tutorials have helped you in some way… and it just makes us so happy!

So we had to stop and think, how can we share this same encouragement with people who want to learn, but for one reason or another still haven’t given it a try? What is holding them back?

That is why we are so excited to introduce you to our brand new program, Couch to Quilt! We want to make the process as easy as possible for anyone with any desire to learn how to quilt. We can give away quilts all day long, but isn’t teaching someone how to quilt a much greater and farther reaching gift?

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So, here’s how it works.

1. Preorder the Couch to Quilt Box Today and be really happy about the amazing deal you just got! ($250 value for only $99.95)

2. Receive your Couch to Quilt in the beginning of May and rejoice!

3. Gift the box to someone who is dying to learn how to quilt! THE END!


OR if it’s for you….

3. Open your box and see all the goodies you got… which is EVERYTHING you need to make a quilt top (besides the sewing machine, it wouldn’t fit in the box).


4. Make your quilt top using amazing instructional videos by Jenny Doan, the best quilting teacher on the internet!

5. Then, follow the instructions to mail in your quilt top and WE will do the hard part of professionally machine quilting and binding it for you!

6. Receive your finished quilt in the mail and rejoice again!


7. Cuddle with the quilt that YOU MADE or gift it to someone special (Giving a homemade quilt as a gift is one of the best feelings in the world)!!


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  • Peg

    What a great idea! I have already ordered so much fabric and so many supplies from you, and as soon as we move to our new apartment in the retirement village, with Jenny’stutorials, will launch my very first quilt. I’m so excited to start! I’m making the Herringbone quilt for my grandson’s room first. Then on to Xs and Os for my granddaughter. I’ll post pics when they’re finished. Peg B

  • Vickie Walker

    I’m a quilter..and ordered Couch to Quilt box, to use this and teach my granddaughter (some Mee-Mee and granddaughter time and building memories- she is 15). Does it have to be made precise like the given instruction?

  • Anne Marie

    Peg, I just made the herringbone for my sister Peg. Came out beautiful. First queen size I made and first quilt as you go. Jenny is the best. Good luck. AnneMarie

  • Peg

    Thanks, AnneMarie! My grandson is a lil cowboy, so I’m using jewel colors on light brown for the top, and ropers on horseback fabric for the back. I can hardly wait to start!! I’m going to try quilting my own, going with the herringbone lines. I hope that plays out as well on fabric as in my head!!

  • Stephanie Baker

    Can someone tell me what pattern is included? I think this is such a wonderful idea, especially for new quilters, but even someone who is experienced and just wants to make a baby quilt and have it quilted by MSQC! 🙂

  • In order for us to quilt it, it does need to be the same pattern and same size as in the directions. Your granddaughter is going to have so much fun with this! 🙂

  • What a sweet quilt for your grandson! He will cherish it for many years to come. 🙂

  • The finished quilt is now included on the product page. If you follow the links in the blog post you will see it. 🙂

  • Vickie Walker

    Thank you for this quick response.. She’ll be coming in the summer months, does it have a time limited? or has to be done at certain time?

  • Robyn Collins

    Does this price include all the shipping charges?

  • JR

    Do you need need to use the Fat Squares it comes with or can you purchase different ones from your site and still have it finished by you?

  • Hi JR! That’s an excellent question. You do need to use the materials provided in the kit for us to finish it with machine quilting. This is one of the ways that we verify purchase of the kit with quilting included. 🙂

  • The initial shipping of the kit purchase is free! As for the return shipping for the quilting service, I believe that is included.

  • There is no time limit, so you’re free to finish it when you please! Sorry for the late response!

  • Ann Ainsworth Sandoval

    Hi! I’m just now finishing my couch to quilt due to an operation and lots of physical therapy! I’m trying to go to the website so that I can enter my code but cannot find it anywhere. Can you help me out?