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I’m Baaaaaack!

I’m Baaaaaack!

Whew, it seems like I was gone forever!!  Basically, felt like that too.  But, I promise I am back and getting better!  Earlier this month I had a small surgery, thinking I’d be feeling fine over the weekend.  Not so much, I guess!  I had a few complications, but am happy to say that I am on the mend.  (dang, hernia.  i really thought I’d be better in no time)

Things got bad enough, that my Mama (you may know her as Jenny) *ha,ha,  came and stayed with us!  It was such a treat to have her here, I hated to feel better enough that she could get back to work to!  My kids were in Grandma- Heaven!!  Mom, got out her sewing machine and taught the girls more sewing tips!!  Ella, my 7 year old finished her very first quilt top!  One charm pack, a lot of pinning, and an extremely proud girl.

She was very glad that the machine had a speed adjustment.  (she has a bit of a lead foot) When Mom got her speed just right, Ella told her that she was definitely a ‘turtle’ sewer.  (on my machine it has a turtle and a rabbit, and you can slide it over to the speed you want!)  Totally cracked us up!

She worked so hard to keep her rows she laid out together and Grandma even showed her how to number them.  (she even had a few blocks to rip out)

Here she is, as proud as ever!!

Have you taught anyone to sew lately?  Isn’t it such a joy?

Hope you have a great Monday!


A fun weekend!  (shared by one of our amazing customers!)

A fun weekend! (shared by one of our amazing customers!)

My goodness!! Don’t they look like they are having a blast!!? Sew much fun!

I just had to share this great email I got, from Prudy!  I just love hearing stories like this!  Family is the best, and sharing the love of quilting!  What could be better?!?

The day after Thanksgiving 3 of my daughters, 3 of my granddaughtes and my cousin and I went “deer hunting”, that’s a little note of fun, usually what the guys all did and packed off to Northern Michigan. We, on the other hand, rented the beautiful Dixboro Inn, an old stage coach stop between Detroit and Ann Arbor. Fully equipped with 10 single beds, folding banquet tables and wonderful lighting. Ahh, heaven!

Our first night there I gave everyone surprises I had made, jars modge podged with the fabrics left on the edge of the charms after cutting 5″ tumblers from a sweet little Benatrex charm pack from MSQ (also the template. Which as soon as I get the next border on I will post. My gals ranged from very experienced to not at all. The first night (Fri) they made their aprons and were so proud of them, they never took them off. My g/d’s wore theirs to Meijers to purchase more t-towels. Saturday we sewed all day. Jenny’s charm pin wheels…………I never sewed much cause I am Mom and g-ma and manned the computer all day running MSQC tutorials for them to see. Thanks MSQC.

Thanks again Prudy, for sharing your fun family story with us!  It reminds me of our own girls weekends we have!  You all look like a fun bunch, we need to plan a retreat, so we can all get together!!

A heart wall hanging using tools you possibly already have. A quick How-to!

A heart wall hanging using tools you possibly already have. A quick How-to!

From Bobbi, in her own words:

‘I followed the tutorial for the friendship braid quilt using the binding
as my template, but used two charm packs instead of strips. I got two
braid pieces from one charm and just trimmed off one corner on each to
follow the template. One side of the braid is lights and the other red. On the
next vertical row the colors of the braid switch. There are 8 vertical
rows, or 4 pairs. When you put one pair together the red chevron forms down
the middle with the lights on either side. The fabric for the border was
from my stash. I then used the scallop ruler that you sell (Quilt In A Day?)
to finish the edge. I quilted an allover design called Holly’s Hearts. It
measures 35″ by 49″ and makes a nice Valentine wall hanging.

Also, Forgot to mention in my how-to description that not only is there a left and right
braid, but when you cut the charms with the binding tool, remember to
reverse half of them, so one angle is going one way and one of them the other


Thank you so much Bobbi, for sharing this adorable Wall hanging!!  I absolutely love it!  Hope you all have a wonderful day filled with love!


Valentines Party!  {show and tell}

Valentines Party! {show and tell}

Look at all these great Valentines inspired projects you’ve been working on!!

Barbara sent this to us! Love it!

I think this Northcote Range fabric, by Cabbages and Roses is very romantic.



This quilt and accessories are AWESOME!   In Jean’s email she said that she was inspired from the heart block video, and put this together!!

I absolutley love it!

I’m so glad you all shared!!

Do you have any specific Valentines day traditions?  Or things that make it memorable for you?  Growing up, my Dad always gave us each a little heart with chocolates, and we felt so special.  (he still gives us our own boxes of chocolates.  Such a sweet guy!)

As a Mom, i had to come up with something to do, that included everyone and would be the least painful. (as far as putting it together, and making everyone happy) LOL.

 So, I came up with one dinner I could make that ALL my kids would eat (without complaining.)

With 5 kids, that is a tough bill!  That is when I started the traditional Valentines dinner of French Toast.  (I make a few, stuffed french toasts, mmm) and the rest plain.  You see, I wanted to have a nice dinner and be able to express love to each other, with no whining!

The first time we started this, I think we only had three kids.  I had each one of them go around the table and tell one thing about each member of the family that they loved.  It is truly the sweetest thing.  They were all crying by the time it was over, because they realized how much they loved each other.  Such sweet moments, I hope I never forget.  I look forward to it every year, and it’s kind of fun to have our own little tradition.

If you have a chance to comment, I’d love to hear what you do with your family.

If you haven’t today, tell someone you love them.  There is never a bad time to say those words.

Come back tomorrow, I have one more absolutely adorable wall hanging to share.


Fons and Porter. No joke.  Watch it.

Fons and Porter. No joke. Watch it.



Remember last fall?  We played, where in the world is Jenny?  Well, she was filming with Fon’s and Porter, Love of Quilting  in Iowa, and the show they filmed is going to air this weekend!!

YEAH!  We are so excited!  Thrilled-jumping up and down-and a bit nervous!  Nervous, well because MOM is gonna be on TV!  Holy cow, right?

It was such a great experience.  Marianne and her sweet daughter Mary were so  kind.  We had a wonderful time getting to know them, and the entire group.  They were all so sweet to us.

Please check your local listings on your PBS station and give it a watch!  We’d love to hear what you think.  After the show airs, I will give you the entire scoop on the experience!  Including pics of Mom in her makeup chair!!  (shhh, don’t tell her that though, she won’t like it!)  LOL

See the sneak peak at the quilt they make…Isn’t it beautiful!? You are gonna LOVE it!

Have a wonderful weekend!