Update (and the weekly giveaway)

Well hello there!  I know, I have kind of been MIA here on the blog and the Forums.  I am sorry I have been so bad.  My goodness has life gotten in the way lately!

Our move went fine, *cough (awful) but we are in our new home and are slowly adjusting!  The hard part for me was that the day after we moved in, I left for Sweden.  (Sweden-not so hard, leaving a house in total chaos- very hard!!!)   My dear sweet Husband ‘put the house together’ very bachelor-ish So I’ve been working on making the ‘very functional’ house a little prettier!  🙂  The move was hardest on my youngest and I think we have finally gotten him used to the idea that this is our new house!  Lots to do, and lots of projects to complete!  I’ll keep you posted on the stuff as we complete it!

Anyway, I have posted a new weekly giveaway question,(in the forum) so if you want the chance at a free charm pack this week, go there and answer my simple question.  🙂

You all have a great day.  And if all goes as planned you’ll be hearing a LOT more from me!  Bahahahah!!  (no, seriously.  I’ve really got to be better about updating!!)