Color…Candy for our eyes

This week on facebook [if you aren’t a friend, check it out.  We have a good time there, too!] I asked a simple question..’If you could only pick ONE SOLID color to quilt with…..which one do you pick?!!?!?’  I honestly thought most people would pick white, black or beige.  I was happily surprised by ALL the colors that were named.  Color is something that is such a personal preference thing, that I enjoy hearing all the different perspectives about it, especially regarding quilting.  I love nothing more than to see someones project and immediately think, ‘I never would have put that together’ and LOVE it!  It stretches what my own comfort zone with color is and makes me want to try new things.

Color is one of those things too, that can change your mood.  I love that you can look at something and instantly ‘feel’ something.  {like romantic, or loud, or calm, or like you want to go to the beach really-really bad}  Oh boy, sometimes I get carried away, don’t I!?

What about you?  What does color do for you?!


Also,  Check back on Monday! I will have a tutorial for you using some new fabric from Riley Blake.  Ahoy! Matey. 🙂

And one more thing…If you like giveaways, don’t forget to enter our weekly one on the forums!  They keep getting bigger!  {I swear, we are crazy EVERYWHERE we are!!}

See you Monday!


Update (and the weekly giveaway)

Well hello there!  I know, I have kind of been MIA here on the blog and the Forums.  I am sorry I have been so bad.  My goodness has life gotten in the way lately!

Our move went fine, *cough (awful) but we are in our new home and are slowly adjusting!  The hard part for me was that the day after we moved in, I left for Sweden.  (Sweden-not so hard, leaving a house in total chaos- very hard!!!)   My dear sweet Husband ‘put the house together’ very bachelor-ish So I’ve been working on making the ‘very functional’ house a little prettier!  🙂  The move was hardest on my youngest and I think we have finally gotten him used to the idea that this is our new house!  Lots to do, and lots of projects to complete!  I’ll keep you posted on the stuff as we complete it!

Anyway, I have posted a new weekly giveaway question,(in the forum) so if you want the chance at a free charm pack this week, go there and answer my simple question.  🙂

You all have a great day.  And if all goes as planned you’ll be hearing a LOT more from me!  Bahahahah!!  (no, seriously.  I’ve really got to be better about updating!!)

The First of February…

Wow, this year is already flying by.  🙂  This weekend has gone by like a whirlwind…we have so much going on.  All good stuff , and are super excited about the forums being back up.  If you haven’t stopped in for a while, go by and visit.  There is lots of chatter and projects pics that are being shared!!  (my personal favorite)

We are still doing our weekly giveaway.  To be entered all you have to do is comment.

I had a little fun this morning, making my own conversation hearts!  I am fairly certain that the daily deal addict one applies to several of you.  (especially if we asked your husbands!!) Hahahah!

I could have played at this site all day!  It was so fun to say what I wanted too on those cute little hearts….This has gotten even more into the spirit of Valentines Day.  We are working on a few more projects for you to celebrate the day of LOVE!  Should be sometime this week….so hold your horses and we will be back here with some more easy peasy projects.

What would you put on a conversation heart??  Go here and do it.  Then come back and tell me about it!

Have a great Monday!

Riley Blake Christmas Fatquarter Bundle Giveaway

So you guys talked me into it.  I didn’t wanna do it, but I can’t resist anymore.  We’re giving away a fat quarter from each of the five fabrics we’re featuring on our site.  (If you want to see the Riley Blake Christmas Fabric check it out)  but since we do the “WEEKLY FABRIC GIVEAWAY” in the forum anyway, I’m putting it up over there.  The rules are simple, just cruise over to this riley blake giveaway thread and reply to the question.  All we want to know is what is your favorite Christmas Tradition.  Don’t reply here, cause we’ll only be counting responses in the forum (if you posted last week when I mentioned I was going to do this, we’ll count that as a name in the hat, but you can get a second chance if you head over to the forums)

Riley Blake Christmas Fabric
Riley Blake Christmas Fabric

So hooray for giveaways and thanks for playing!!

Fabric Free For all … in the Forum! :)

Hang on to your britches everyone, because starting now, we will be giving away a free (that’s right FREE!) quilting gift every single week to one lucky forum member. How do you win it you ask? Let me explain, no there is too much, let me sum up…

Each week we will post a new thread/topic under the Weekly Giveaway forum (about halfway down the page). The thread will either contain a question or ask you to share an experience you’ve had, give us y0ur opinion, something like that. All you have to do is respond to the question or request in the thread and you are automatically eligible to win the weekly giveaway (this week is a Ruby’s Flower Garden Charm Pack). Because there are currently just 19 forum members, you have a good chance to win. Once the giveaway is announced, you will have until the following Thursday at midnight (so about a week) to post your reply. Every Friday we will announce the previous week’s winner and release a new thread for you to respond to.

So come on over and join the conversation 😀