For real?  Like it is here already?  Man….last year really flew by for me.  It is all good, just strange to be here again in January.

SO many changes.

This year:  I am doing inventory for a TON of merchandise.

Last Year:  I had a lot LESS of that to do.

This year:  I am planning classes and tutorials

Last year:  I let Mom do all the sewing….and teaching

This year:  WE have so much up our sleeves…

Last year:  We thought we dreamt big

This year:  We are expanding every area of our business

Last year: Was hard keeping up

This year:  My girls want to sew…

Last year:  they did a few projects with our help

This year:  We are getting ready to open a GINORMUS class room

Last year:  we had two shelves full of fabric

This year:  We made the biggest order of Moda precuts EVER

Last year:  We ordered minimums (hahah)

This year:  We are in BIG

Last year:  was exciting and new

This year:  Is even more exciting!  We have so much in store….so many plans.  We can’t wait to share them all with you.  We have had a wonderful year and know that this year will be even better for us.

All because we have wonderful people behind us like you.  We thank you all so much, for your kind emails, your words of encouragement and most importantly your support.

You are the best.  Here’s to an amazing 2010 to us all!