Triple Play! Mini Missouri Star, Seeing Double, Supernova

Years ago – when Missouri Star was just starting out – we held monthly “Friday night sews” at our one tiny quilt shop. 

10 or 12 of us gathered to chat, snack, and quilt. We took turns choosing patterns: Churn dash, log cabin, bowtie. 

When it came time for Jenny to pick a block, she chose the Missouri Star, and … everyone kind of groaned. The Missouri Star was waaay too tricky! Boy, have things changed! 

Jenny’s Design

Mini Missouri Star Quilt by the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Natalie’s Design

Seeing Double quilt by the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Misty’s Design

Supernova quilt by the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

This month’s Triple Play tutorial is all about the Missouri Star. And with a few new tips and tricks, those pretty blocks come together easy as pie! 

Click HERE to learn how to make 3 new layer cake quilts with our beloved Missouri Star block! 

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