The Wish Quilt

A great idea for a Quilt for Kids Quilt.  Mrs. Baker’s first grade class all brought squares of fabric in, made a wish and wrote their wishes down.  They then put together a beautiful quilt and story to go with the quilt.  It is the kindness of this teacher and these children that will make our world a better place.

What a wonderful experience for those children to have at such a young age.  I am sure they will remember it throughout their life.  Here are the beautiful children I am talking about:

Mrs. Baker's First Grade Class
Mrs. Baker’s First Grade Class

Check out that quilt!!  Isn’t it beautiful!?!?  The squares all along the edge are the kids fabric  and on the background they all signed their names.  I just love it!

The Wish Quilt (Note the pieces along the edge)
The Wish Quilt

They then put together an awesome book, to give to the child who receives the quilt.  All of the wishes they made were written down for the recipient!  What a wonderful gift!!

If you are interested in donating a quilt for kids, let us know…  and we will get you the information that you need!  We are planning a drop off of the quilts we’ve collected this year so far.