The day before…

School starts tomorrow for my kids!  We have quite the mixture of emotions over here!  Excitement (the first grader) and major anxiety (the 8th grader) and between them is a little indifference!  Hahahah!!  Me, I am torn by the ease of summer and the schedule of the school year!  I do really well with a plan, and tend to get much more organized during the school year!  Plus, I will have much more time for my crazy-work schedule!

Yes, that means more projects that will get done and more blogs to be written!  🙂

So, enjoy the day today. Have you seen the crazy daily deal we have going on today!!?!?  SO MUCH FUN!!!

I will be busy getting the last minute details together for the kids, and hopefully one last trip to the pool!

See you soon.  I’ll be back with some show and tell tomorrow!  Boy, do I have some good ones for you!!