One of the highlights of School-House was Sarah Jane’s fabric debut.  {called Children at Play, from Michael Miller} It was definitly the ‘IT’ fabric of Market.  Everyone wants it and loves it.  It is whimsical and adorable and perfect for both boys and girls!  Everything you need for a great children’s line.

Sarah Jane and Sandy Henderson Present their School House! Both had fabulous lines!!
Gorgeous, right!? And this is just a small sample!

Sandy Henderson has a great new line coming out as well called Secret Garden.  Talk about eye candy.  The colors are just beautiful.

I wish that was my living room!! Hahah!

Next up was the Moda designer school house!  Talk about a good time!  Those Ladies know how to have fun!  Each designer made a block and a project to go with their new lines.  It was fun to see what they did (or didn’t do).

The room was packed with people!  Miss Lissa Alexander sure knows how to put together a show.  They were all such a delight to meet and mingle with.  It is just amazing to see so many creative minds work so well together.

How can I get a Market post in and NOT talk about Heather Bailey and Amy Butler?!!?  Not possible.

Heather Bailey has a lot of fun things going on in other industries as well.  Note cards, plates and napkins, tea towels, aprons etc etc.  It will be fun to see how the different industries meet.  Quite exciting, if you ask me.  And guess what!??!?!  She announced in her schoolhouse that she was pregnant!  Yup, Heather Bailey is PREGNANT!!! {she told us even before she told her staff!}  Talk about a scoop, huh!  Congrats Heather!  {btw, she is absolutely adorable and nearly half way through with her pregnancy and you couldn’t even tell she was preggo!}

Anyway, Amy Butler has some fun things happening too.  She is very excited about her new organics line and talked about that as well.  She has some pretty fun patterns coming out too!

Then there was SAMPLE SPREE!  Oh-my-craziness!  Talk about ravenous-hungry-fabric loving- crazy people!  For real!

Can’t wait to show you those pics!


A fairytale….

Wasn’t the wedding amazing?  I know, I know….some people will think I am crazy for getting up so early to watch, but I just had to.

The bonus was she {the wedding, actually} kept me on the treadmill an extra 30 mins.  So you see, I was also improving my over all health as well.  *snicker

What is it with our obsession with ‘Royalty’ ?  For me it is just the idea of the fairytale.  It is so fun to see the lives they lead.  I am sure that they wish sometimes to just live normally, like we all wish to be them for the day.  Wouldn’t it be great to trade?  {just for a bit}

Anyway, if you haven’t heard yet Quilt Market is happening in less than 2 weeks!  HOLY FABRIC!  I am so looking forward to being there and meeting up with all of our ‘Fabric Celebrities’!  Yes, yes Market is like the Oscars of the fabric/sewing/quilting world!!  It is so fun to see and meet the newest designers.  To see the new stuff.

I’m not gonna lie, I totally get ‘star struck’ when I am there too!!  My first time at Quilt Market I had a list of people that I idolized and couldn’t wait to meet!  Sandi Henderson, Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Sandy Gervais, The girls from Sweetwater and Anna Maria Horner to name just a few.  They were all so, so sweet.

Funny though, now my list is bigger {as the quilting world grows} and am even more excited to go than I was the first time!!

I can’t even make a list now as it would be HUGE!

Who do you want to meet?  What would you say to them?  Is there anything about Market you are dying to know about????  I can try to get you the inside scoop, if you want.  Ask away, and I will try my darnedest to get answers!!

I hope you have a ‘fairy tale’ weekend!


ps. I can’t stop talking in an English accent.  I say, today we shall all speak in one. Please join me.  {see, I told you.}  I suppose now I will go clean my baaathroooom.

Quilt Market Chronicles – Episode 6 – More Sightings

Well we’re on our way home, we couldn’t make it another day.  Too much quilting for our weak hearts! 😀  We had a blast and saw all we came to see so we’ll count this trip a huge success!  I’ll try and finish sharing the photos I’ve snagged throughout, so here’s a few more –

Born to Quilt Tattoo
Born to Quilt Tattoo

That’s right.  You’re not hardcore unless you live hardcore, and let me tell you, this lady was not messing around!  I about died laughing.  How funny!

Further along, we found the so very cute Sandi Henderson in her booth –

Sandi's Booth
Sandi’s Booth

and I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say we had a blast!!

Natalie, Jenny, and Hillary
Natalie, Jenny, and Hillary

Need I say more? … but I will!  More later! 😀

May Giveaway Day!

We’ve all enjoyed a little Sew Mama Sew and we thought we’d share the love by participating in their May Giveaway Day!


I’ve been hard at work
making these fabulous cupcakes designed by Sandi Henderson!

They are so fun!


I couldn’t resist making myself one so they wouldn’t all have to leave me!
I think everyone needs a happy spot like these for their sewing room!


This is the star of the cupcake show today!

With a little of Sandi Henderson’s Ginger Blossom, and some of Amy Butler’s Daisy Chain, how could you go wrong?!

On to the details –

  • The contest goes until May 31st
  • To enter all you need to do is leave us a comment!
  • If you want more chances to win go join up in the forum and start chatting!  How much easier can it get?
  • You will get one extra entry for every comment you leave, from now till show time on the 31st!
  • You will get 2 entries for every New Topic started that gets people talking! Plus an entry for every comment in your Topic!

So as you can see I’m dying to give away chances for this prize and you’ll get those chances simply for talking!  So leave us a comment and swing on over to the forum and let us know how you feel about quilting or whatever it is that you want to talk about!  Chances are someone else wants to talk too!

One of those days….

you know the kind.  When The kids won’t stop fighting.  When The sun won’t come out.  When every project you start you mess up.

Well, the only cure I know for that is a good old fashion purse shopping (or fabric shopping or pattern shopping or chocolate shopping)  What, you don’t devote whole shopping trips to chocolate?  Can we even be friends anymore?  🙂

Anyway, I found this purse. (yes, it is Sandi Henderson fabric…..yes, it is oil cloth. Yes, it is HUGE and  NO I won’t give it to you!)   I fell in love.  I brought it home.  And I feel better!  🙂

img_6540Isn’t it darling?  Thank you.  Thank you very much.