Riley Blake…

Have you seen some of the new things coming from Riley Blake?  WOW.  They are such a great company to work with and have just taken off in the fabric-design industry.  We are so impressed with their level of quality {both in fabric and as people}

Such a fun group of people to work with.  We couldn’t just choose a few of the lines, so we bought them all.  I know, I know….I really should learn to control myself.  {but for the love of fabric,I just had to!}  We have all the pre-cuts and fat quarter bundles coming and I couldn’t be happier about it!!

They had a wonderful booth and I’m sure you’ve heard by now, that they won the coveted 1st Place  Ribbon!  What a deserving acknowledgment too!  {‘home field’ does have it’s advantages}

Anyway, here are some pics of the booth that mesmerized so many of us!

So hold on to your seats Quilters….we have some AWESOME exciting and new fabric coming!  {hopefully, even as soon as this week!}

I’ll keep you posted.

Have a great Monday.


Also, I can’t blog today without acknowledging our friends in Joplin, MO.  Our prayers are with them and their families affected by the tornadoes.  Stay safe wherever you are.  And thanks to you all for your sweet messages of concern.  We are all safe and sound.

More Quilt Market…

See me up there with Vanessa {V and CO} and Amy {Diary of a Quilter} ?!?!  I ran into them by the Michael Miller booth and couldn’t help myself, I just had to say hi!  Now, can I just say that they are both even sweeter in person than I thought!  It was a quick chit-chat, because well, I already feel like I know them through the blogs.  {know what I mean.}  How funny is that?  We don’t even have to introduce ourselves, we just get right to the “have you decided where you are  moving” blah- blah, blah’s because, we already know what is happening!  Hahah!  Also, I am a HUGE fan of Amy’s and am excited I got to meet her in person!

Now, Jillily’s booth was great!  So cute, in the ‘Ice cream parlor’ theme!  We were so excited, we bought a TON of her new ‘Poke-a-dots’ and can’t wait to share them with you!  We think you will LOVE them. {they are a sticky-reusable thimble.}

So, I am off today to get things ready to drive to the Shop tonight.  I have some major overhauling-redecorating-sprucing up, I am planning for the Shop!  We have so MANY new ideas and plans that we can hardly wait to share with you all!  {squeal-eeek-yay}

Have a great weekend.  {I hope that you get at least a little time to create-sew-or craft}  Whatever you do, be happy.


To Market to Market…a small sampling of our adventure.

What a blast! We had WAY too much fun at Quilt Market and I can’t wait to show and share all the details with you!

First off we started out at ‘School House’. That is where the designers and fabric companies have mini classes to share the new things (books, fabric, patterns etc.) that are coming out. Think of it as happy-fabric-loving women running around like crazy to get from class to class! Seriously. Insane.

I was excited to see the Moda Bakeshop crew promoting the new book they have out. {we have it coming…don’t you worry! I’ll let you know when it comes in!!} It was fun to see power-house bloggers like, Vanessa {from V and CO.} the cute trio of Sweetwater Kim Walus {bitty bits & pieces} and Natalia Bonner.

Seriously, it was a riot. Vanessa was glad she didn’t pee her pants, {her words} and I can attest to that. She did NOT pee her pants, but I can totally understand how nerve-racking that presenting in front of that many people would be!! LOL.

I know, I know…I shouldn’t stop here. We had many-many-more classes that we went to and I plan on filling you in on all of them! Classes, Sample Spree, the show, the booths…Oh-so much!! I just have to get my suit case unpacked and I will fill you in on all the details!
I promise.

See you soon.


Quilt Market Chronicles – Episode 7 – Walking the aisles

So more market fun.  There are seriously tons of vendors here.  We just wonder from booth to booth to booth looking for new fun stuff you all will love and meeting the brilliant minds behind the creativity that we all love!  So a few more photos –

Patty Young :-)
Patty Young 🙂

And then some new Michael Miller designers, Pillow & Maxfield

Pillow Maxfield
Pillow & Maxfield

And one of my favorite parts of market!! –

Ordering the Heather Bailey line!!
Ordering the Heather Bailey line!!

More pics as I can, I got a few more posts just like this, hope you’re enjoying them! 😀

Quilt Market Chronicles – Episode 6 – More Sightings

Well we’re on our way home, we couldn’t make it another day.  Too much quilting for our weak hearts! 😀  We had a blast and saw all we came to see so we’ll count this trip a huge success!  I’ll try and finish sharing the photos I’ve snagged throughout, so here’s a few more –

Born to Quilt Tattoo
Born to Quilt Tattoo

That’s right.  You’re not hardcore unless you live hardcore, and let me tell you, this lady was not messing around!  I about died laughing.  How funny!

Further along, we found the so very cute Sandi Henderson in her booth –

Sandi's Booth
Sandi’s Booth

and I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say we had a blast!!

Natalie, Jenny, and Hillary
Natalie, Jenny, and Hillary

Need I say more? … but I will!  More later! 😀