Precut Tuesday!

Enchantment-Layer-Cake-by-Kathy-Davis-for-Westminster-Fibers-SKU#-FB610KD.ENCHAEnchantment for Free Spirit


 1. Designer Solids – Winter White  2. Bella Solids Lilac 3. Bella Solids – Tea Rose 4. Bella Solids – Clover


Eat Your Fruits n’ Veggies for Moda


 1. Designer Solids – Kiwi 2. Kona Cotton Solids – Turquoise  3. Bella Solids Orange 4. Bella Solids – Christmas Red



Snips and Snails for Riley Blake


 1.  Bella Solids – White Bleached 2. Bella Solids – Tranquil Aqua 3. Bella Solids – Lime 4. Bella Solids – Buttercup


Floral Gatherings for Moda

Floral-Gatherings1. Bella Solids – Terrain Cactus 2. Cotton Supreme Solids – Strawberry Red 3. Bella Solids – Tan

Have your great day!


Precut Tuesday!


Midwinter Reds for Moda


1. Bella Solids – Snow 2. Bella Solids – Fig Tree Wheat 3. Bella Solids – Tomato Soup 4. Bella Solids – Christmas Red



Everything but the Kitchen Sink for RJR Fabrics


 1. Bella Solids – Sunshine 2. Free Spirit – Red 3. Bella Solids Green Apple 4. Kona Cotton – Marine




Sunnyside for Moda


 1. Bella Solids – Gray 2. Bella Solids – Light Blue 3. Bella Solids – 30’s Yellow 4. Kona Cotton Solids – Tangerine







High Street for Moda


1. Bella Solids – Silver 2. Designer Solids – Hot Rose 3. Bella Solids – Leaf 4. Kona Cotton – Berry

Have a great day!


Show and Tell

I’ve recieved several emails from Caroline and she has been a busy girl!  She has made some amazing quilts!  I am just blown away.  Today I am going to show you all the amazing work Miss Caroline has been doing!

First up is her ‘Strips and Stars’ quilt.   {She used this tutorial}  I just love the solid black background against the bright colors!

This next one she made for her Great Granddaughter (born June 10th) She used a Buttercup charm pack and this tutorial.

So sweet! Just perfect for a baby!

The next one is just a beautiful as the others!  She made the X’s and O’s Quilt that Mom taught in her online class with Sympoz, and used the fabric ‘Lovely” by Sandy Gervais for Moda.  I just LOVE the way it turned out.  One of the best lines this Spring for sure.  (in my opinion, of course. *wink*wink)

Last but certainly NOT least, she is working on a Dresden Plate quilt!  Like I said, Caroline has been a busy girl!

She used the Wild Flowers IV and it just looks stunning!

Caroline has certainly stolen the show {and tell} today!   Thanks for showing us your amazing handi-work Caroline.

I just love each of your sweet emails and appreciate you taking the time to send us your pictures!

FYI:  We had a Fed-X semi truck pull up to the Shop yesterday!  Oh my stars!  We have SO MUCH new stuff, we are busting with excitement!  So, just stay tuned!  We will be showing and talking and sharing with you all about it!

If you can’t wait one more minute for Hometown by Sweetwater, or Deb Strains new line ‘Meadow Friends, we have them in!  SO EXCITING!  {So much more.  And all the yardage too!}

Have the BEST Wednesday possible!  🙂

Talk to you soon!


Sweethearts for you….

If you remember a while back we gave away thousands of ‘Sweethearts’ Charm packs by Benartex.  We FELL in-love with this line!  We have had several custom quilts that we’ve made for customers and sold even more than we thought possible!  🙂

Jenny (my Mama) just finished this beauty to show off our easy-breezy charm pack quilt pattern.  I just thought you’d like to see the fun-bright colors that are awaiting you in the pack of awesomeness!  (in case you haven’t opened yours yet!)

And if you’ve found yourself needing another we just got them back in stock!!!

Have you made anything out of your free one yet?  We would love to see pictures!  Tell us about it and upload them into the forums!!

Have a happy Monday!!  {and if you are living in one of the areas affected by the snow/ice stay safe and warm!!}

Catching up and Eden Quilts!

Well, I have neglected this poor blog haven’t I?  I have been sick with a head cold from ‘youknowwhere’  Ugh!  I am hoping it is on it’s way out.   🙂

Things have stayed busy, at home and at the shop.  We are redecorating for Springtime and having so much fun with that process.  All the beautiful new spring time fabrics are so inspiring!  Eden, Spring Fever, Verna, Dill Blossom, Hunky Dory, Love….I could go on and on.  Really though, I just need anything around me that reminds me that Spring IS coming.    🙂

We finished the Eden quilt and made a display with it.  It is such an easy pattern that Mom made using a jelly roll and a charm pack.  (yes, A charm pack.  as in one)

Adorable, isn’t it?  I think it would cheer up any bedroom…just what the doctor ordered, if you ask me.

Well, you all have a great day.  I’m off to take more cold medicine and start a load of laundry!  (fun times!)


PS.  We have so much to show you.  Tutorials, patterns…ideas and more.  Exciting things are  happening for us and I can’t wait to tell you about them all!!

*** UPDATE ***

We have this great tutorial Mom and Natalie did up, take a look –