“Gooseberries”, a Jelly Roll Quilt

The Jelly roll pattern we are featuring today is called



This was inspired by a quilt I saw several weeks ago though but I don’t know who to credit for it or even it’s original name.  This is somewhat different than the original though, what I loved about the original quilt was how the geese flew through the blocks!  So I took that idea and ran!  I framed them in a jelly roll friendly pattern that I thought would look good with our geese and decided on the “Berry Delicious” jelly roll by Sew Treasured for Moda.   It worked perfectly!  The colors and patterns split just right and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

Just so you know I used 40 different fabric strips on this quilt with scraps leftover to fix a few mistakes 🙂  (Always cut and sew carefully!)  And I completed the top in 2 afternoons with only a few whining children and 1 helpful husband!Gooseberries2

To start you need to separate your strips.
I began by finding my darkest and lightest since they would be focal points of the blocks Continue reading ““Gooseberries”, a Jelly Roll Quilt”

A super duper cute table runner!


While cruising around the wonderful Internet a while ago, I saw this cute runner that Camille did. (I know, I know….we aren’t on a first name basis…YET.  But like Heather Bailey  we are gonna be best friends.  I am sure of it!!) 🙂   Anyway, I just knew I had to make one!!  It looked simple enough for a Girl like me and so I …..well.  Mom made it.  She just can’t help herself.  Having a broken leg and all, she is bored out of her mind.  So, I let her make it for me!!  🙂 hahah.  Seriously, Ladies…..this went to together SO fast and It is adorable!!  I love it.  It is perfect for a summer table!

It was also featured on the Moda Bakeshop, and I know you all love that place as much as I do….. (go there for the pattern and tutorial)

The Charm pack we used was ” Berry Delicious” by Moda, and some red ric rac.  Fast,easy and inexpensive!!  Plus you can get EVERYTHING you need to make it in our shop!  Whoop, whoop!!

Have a great day!