Spring Magic…

DSC00656I was able to get a picture of the April Cornell, Spring Magic baby quilt we put together ….However, the lighting is terrible and I apologize.  (I will get a better one soon)

Anyway, this quilt went together pretty easily….we used one honey bun and BAM,  a baby quilt!  Colorful and bright, yet sweet and simple.  I love it.  I love April too, she’s the one with amazing color and design, right?!?!  🙂

So, how is your week shaping up?  Mine?  Well, let’s just say that if it could have gone wrong…..it  did. (you know, sick kids, broken down vehicles, drama)  heheh….

We have lot’s more in store for the rest of the week, though.  (I mean, it’s only Wed. right?)    We have a bus tour group coming on Thursday  (SO exciting!!) and Halloween on Saturday.  (wow, bye-bye October)   Halloween should be fun if we can get everyone well by then.  🙂

Oh, and girls (and guys too) we have been work-working away at the expansion….here check this out:

DSC00650Just a tiny peak…but it’s getting there.   I know ladies, he’s hot.  Hand off though, he’s mine. We will have so much more room in our NEW classroom.  (I know we just finished a class room….we’ve already out grown it!)  That’s a good thing, and we are thrilled about it.  🙂

Have a great Wednesday!