Ship-shop-shipping away!

Obviously we were gonna be REALLY busy Friday with orders, right.  I mean we were giving away an item that retails for $14.95 for FREE!  We were overwhelmed (in a good way) with the response, and were shocked by how quickly we sold out!!  We want to assure you that we gave away HUNDREDS of Snippets turnovers, so we decided to show you what we had to contend with Friday into Saturday!  (yes, it was a very long day that turned into a blur!)  🙂  Holy packages! Now, we live in a fairly small town,  so we warned the post office, and they brought in extra people to  handle that much extra mail for a Saturday! (how cool is that?)

What a blast we had!

shippingThanks everyone!  We hope you enjoyed Turnover week!  So, if you ordered on Friday your package is in the mail, BABY!   Have a great day!  (stay tuned, I will be sharing an idea we got from one of our Forum members later!)