Ship-shop-shipping away!

Obviously we were gonna be REALLY busy Friday with orders, right.  I mean we were giving away an item that retails for $14.95 for FREE!  We were overwhelmed (in a good way) with the response, and were shocked by how quickly we sold out!!  We want to assure you that we gave away HUNDREDS of Snippets turnovers, so we decided to show you what we had to contend with Friday into Saturday!  (yes, it was a very long day that turned into a blur!)  🙂  Holy packages! Now, we live in a fairly small town,  so we warned the post office, and they brought in extra people to  handle that much extra mail for a Saturday! (how cool is that?)

What a blast we had!

shippingThanks everyone!  We hope you enjoyed Turnover week!  So, if you ordered on Friday your package is in the mail, BABY!   Have a great day!  (stay tuned, I will be sharing an idea we got from one of our Forum members later!)

Stack without the Whack!

We all know about the amazing technique called ‘Stack and Whack’ .  This is our variation on it.  The best thing about it is that we don’t have to whack the fabric.  Lucky for us, Moda has done the hard stuff for us!  🙂  (thank you Moda)  Aren’t you just loving these turnovers?!  So many new things to do with them!

And what is better than that!??!  FREE, yup that’s pretty good to, right?  Check out the Daily deal today!  And tell your friends!

The Friendship Star

How cool is this!?!?  I know.  It’s pretty awesome, huh.  (and so easy!)  I also love the way the Caroler looks against that white background.  What a cheery, happy Christmas Quilt! 🙂

Aren’t turnovers AWESOME?!!??! We love them.  And we’re pretty sure that you will too!  (the best thing since sliced…..well, um the best thing since Charm packs!  For sure!)   🙂


Turnover pin wheels

Pin wheels are one of my most favorite blocks!  I love the look of them and the ease of them.  In fact my very first quilt I ever made was a pin wheel quilt.   Turnovers make them SO easy.  I love how the pre-cuts just take so many steps out and leave me the time for the fun stuff!!  Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tip.  We’ve got lots more coming!  Have a great week.

Sew and Slice…

Another great idea.  The hourglass block is a fun way to achieve a scrappy look, that tends to look more complicated than it is.  We love it and hope you do too.

Have you tried a turnover yet?   Tell us about it.

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Have a great day!