Retreat*Bus Tour*New look on the Forum

SO much to talk about!!

First of all I wanted to remind you all about our FUN retreats we are doing this year!  Mom has some fun things planned and Carolyn {our amazing coordinator has totally outdone herself}  If you are wanting a relaxing-fun-quilting filled retreat ours is the one for you! Go here for more information.

Even if you aren’t close, you could fly into Kansas City Airport, we are only an hour north of Kansas City.  {the easiest airport in the world to get in and out of.  just my personal opinion.}

The first one is coming up here soon….April 14, 2011  Call us to day to reserve your spot.  {and heck, bring a friend!!}  We can’t wait to meet you, hang out with you and sew right along with you!!

Next up:  The Bus Tour!  It is going to be an absolute BLAST!  We are promising the most fun bus, with the best prizes and snacks!  And we aren’t kidding, either!  {pinkie promise}  I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say, it will be the best bus trip you’ve ever been on.  🙂  I think if you have an anniversary or birthday coming up, you should request a weekend with us!  LOL!

Really though, call us and we can get you all ready for the trip or retreat.  1 (888)571 1122  or (816) 583 7722

Did anyone notice the new look in the forums??  LOVE IT!  It just made that fun place, even more easy to navigate and it looks great too!  I love the new look.  It seems so clean and concise!  Let us know what you think.  Also, if you haven’t been there in a while, you must check it out!  They are starting a new block swap, and have pictures of their projects and just a lot of fun!  Oh ya, and we added facebook connect to it!  So you can log-in easier!  AWESOME!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  My list just keeps getting bigger.  Lots to do.  Must mean spring is around the corner!  🙂


*don’t forget to check us out on facebook too.  We have lots of new friends and even more things to see and talk about. I put some cute links to an awesome pillow and a free printable!  Have a happy day.