Part7: Growing some more!

A new room, we decided was a must.  We had moved around the tables-shelves-and displays enough!  We had a great group of women that sewed with us for our Friday night sew and we just needed more space!

Remember, that while all this shop stuff was going on, my Dad and husband both work regular full time jobs and have been the labor force behind 99% of the remodeling.

We were thrilled to finally be able to open the doors to our new room, NEVER imagining we would be able to fill it with fabric.  Really, I thought that there was NO way, we would ever have enough fabric to fill that space!! Ever.  { do I sound like a broken record yet? }

Well, as you can see BOOM the first night we used it, it was full!  Not with fabric but with people!  What a blessing.  I did look at Dad {that very night} and say that we were gonna have to get started on the other room.  Really, in utter disbelief.  It was still pretty empty as far as product went, but that didn’t take long to fill up either.

Friday night sews for us have always been a blast!  We get to really visit with each other and hear and share hilarious stories that frankly, bring us closer together!  We are just like one big family.  We tease each other {remind each other to boil the manicotti before filling them}, laugh together and yes, we even cry together.  Each one of our customers mean so much to me, and I realized that we wouldn’t be here without them.

Can you believe that it ONLY gets BETTER!?!?!?  This was only July-August 2009  We hadn’t even been open a whole year.