Part 6: Our ‘new’ normal…and growth.

April 2009 Poor Mom was miserable. {and grumpy and needy and miserable} Hehe

Well, we were trucking along trying to figure this adventure out with Mom still in a  lot of pain.  We decided to go ahead with our plans for classes and just see where we went.    ***If I don’t sound very sympathetic please forgive me.  It was just the way I was raised.  Mom herself will tell you that sympathy was never her strong point.  And really, I am just teasing.  I figure since I’m writing it I can say whatever I want to, right?!  Hahah!***

One of the classes we offered was called ‘Stitchin’ Chicks’ and it was for the 10-15yr old crowd.  Boy did we have a blast with those girls!  We made pillow cases, pajama shorts, notebook covers, aprons and so much more.  They were the sweetest group ever and I am so glad we did that!  We also held a class for the local 4H group and that was a blast as well.

I want you to really take notice of the pictures:  We only have ONE room open.  We only have a few shelves of fabric, and we have room for our sewing tables in the middle of our one room shop!  We were still moving everything to the edges of the room when we’d have our Friday night sews and classes and it was working fine!  We knew though, that we would have to expand…we just thought we had a bit more time!  LOL.

By June we had volunteered to do a Booth and a Quilt Show at our County (Caldwell County, MO)  Civil War Reenactment.  {the first one, ever}

We were really excited to be a part of it, and be able to help showcase some of the Counties best quilts!!  What a blast we had!  We have the BEST customers/friends ever and we couldn’t have done the Quilt Show without all of them!  It was a very exciting time for us and for our County!  {I hope we do something like that again, it was such a great event!}

Things were still very touch and go with Mom.  She would think she was feeling better, then she would be up to much on her leg and boom, she’d be back in bed.  Finally the doctor decided she needed surgery.  At least now we had a plan and hoped that plan included her being able to heal. {fingers were crossed}

In spite of everything, business was still good.  Our Machine Quilting {thank you Natalie} was picking up a lot of steam, and quite frankly, paid the bills.  {I said bills, not wages.}  But we had a plan, and it was working….and we were happy!