Out of the boot-back to the boot…UGH!

We finally turned the corner on my ankle healing.
The Doctor said to remember that I am NOT healed but that I have finally turned the corner and my X-Ray shows clear sign of bone growth! Still no exercising and back to the boot if there is any pain, but….for the moment I’m free!

Get the boot the boot!
Give the boot the boot!

Here I am today with my boot off. There is still a lot of swelling as you can see. I had to loosen the buckles on my faithful Birkenstock, but I am out of the boot! I now have a new best friend …
‘brace’ yourselves, you’ll get a ‘kick’ out of this…
the ankle brace! Made in the criss -cross fashion of neoprene fabric,
this sports the latest fashion in ankle wear!

The new me!
The new me!

Yeah for me!!

***** SO, before we could even post this…..and get all excited for the Mama, she is back in the BOOT!!!  I know, I know poor her!  That stinkin’ ankle-leg-foot stuff just won’t heal!

Lucky for us, she has a fabulous chair on wheels that she uses at the quilt machine!!  🙂  And she is amazing (gotten used to) using her left foot at the sewing machine.

Maybe by Christmas she will be out of the boot!  (my fingers are crossed, BIG TIME!)