Meet Missouri Star: Betty & Jamey

Today we’re headed back to the longarm quilting building to meet some more of the great people working here, finishing your quilts! Ready to meet Betty & Jamey?



Betty has been with MSQC for about a year and a half and according to Betty, “They said they hired me because I laugh a lot, always smile and talk a lot. I know no strangers! LOL! They all have been friends of mine for several years and treat me like family. I love them very much and count them as God’s blessings to me.”

Do you have a special story about how you got the job? I was recovering from several chemo treatments and would visit with Jenny to get out of the house. She is always there for me and told Al and Sarah to hire me when I recovered. She called me one February day and told me to come in for an interview. LOL! Al said he was not sure how to interview me as he knew me too well! LOL! Because of this and because I “talk a lot and laugh a lot” and (they say) because they love me, I was hired! Boy, has God blessed me. I get to help set up a museum and do crafts which is a love of mine!

Do you sew? Yes I do sew. I have sewn my own clothes in the past and made gifts for others. I love to crochet, do counted cross-stitch and all other crafts. If you saw my “office” and sewing rooms, (yes, rooms!) one would know I love to do crafts and make projects to give to those I care about and love.

Any funny job-related stories? When my mother-in-law was alive, she gave me two car trunks full of yarn, which someone had given to her. She was so excited to do so as she knew I would use it and I have!! I have made crocheted slippers for several at MSQC and was asked to make some for Alan. I was told they would have to be extra large! He has them and they are; but, I got the best out of the deal as I got and still get hugs from him!!

Favorite fabric? Civil war and florals.

Anything else you want to share? My husband, Les, tells everyone that “you could not pry me away from my job with a crowbar” when they ask if I like my job. He tells them I love it and I do! I love it and the “family of MSQC!” I do laugh and smile and talk a lot because I am happy. I am ornery, too, as others can testify! LOL! All because I have not been this happy working for a very long time!

What do you like best about your job? The best thing about working at MSQC is the family atmosphere and love. They care about us and I am living proof of this as I am still recovering from breast cancer and chemo side effects, as I still get sick easily, yet I still have a job and they let me know I am loved! We are a family and we care about each other and help take care of one another. It is truly God’s gift and blessings to be a part of this!



Jamey, who manages the longarm quilting department, has been with MSQC for nearly two years. Jamey got to help develop the process that is used to check in the quilts that arrive in the mail.

How’d you land the job? I worked with Jenny and her family at the Hamilton Community Arts Theatre. So I started watching Jenny’s tutorials. I made a quilt for my mom for Christmas and turned it in at MSQC. Later, I was walking in front of the store one day and Natalie and Sarah came out. They said they thought I knew how to sew and asked if I was looking for a job. I accepted and started to learn to quilt the next week.

Do you sew? I do sew. I’ve made quilts, table runners, wall hangings and one sad pin cushion.

Any work-related stories you can share? I grew up in Hamilton. Every day, I am so proud to meet people from all over the world who come to our small town who are so excited to be here visiting.

Favorite fabric? Layer cakes.

Anything else you want to share about yourself? In my free time, besides quilting I like to cook, sing, direct plays in the local community art theatre. I enjoy movies, especially comedies. In addition, I am a huge fan of the Kansas City Royals, Kansas City Chiefs, Northwest Missouri State University Bearcats and Penney High School Hornets.

What do you like best about your job? The job is so enjoyable, and the feeling of family that we share with all our co-workers.


Join us next Monday when we head back to shipping to meet two more people working amongst the fabric there! Catch up on all of the “Meet Missouri Star” posts here.