Meet Missouri Star: Amanda, Carol & Dylan

Today we’re back in the shipping department to meet more of the crew working to get your orders out the door! This department set a new MSQC record recently and we want to pause the get-to-know-MSQC fun to share about it!

On Friday, May 16th, they 2303 packages out the door. AMAZING! We can’t say enough great things about the people in this photo. They LOVE our customers and are truly just as fun to work with as you can imagine. Way to go, shipping crew!!



Ready to meet some more of them?



As you can tell from her photo, Amanda is a shy and quiet employee who started working here this spring. Don’t worry, though. We’re working to help her come out of her shell. *wink* 

Do you sew? My Grandma taught me how to sew along with crochet many years ago. Kinda got away from it when she passed away 11 years ago. I still sew simple things and patch, but after starting at MSQC I have found the desire to start getting back into it! Now to just decide what project I want to start with!

Any favorite fabrics you see while working? I love the variety of so many fabrics to choose from. Seeing the new stuff come in is pretty awesome.

Favorite thing about working at MSQC? Working with a great bunch of people is very refreshing!



Carol is the Training Manager and prior to that, she managed the shipping department. She made the transition from customer to employee three years ago and we couldn’t be happier! 

How’d you land the job? I was a customer at MSQC before I was an employee. I was so happy to learn that a quilt shop was coming to Hamilton. I had been wanting to learn how to quilt. I took the very first class that was offered back in November of 2008. It was the zigzag table runner class. Some time later, I happened to be shopping in the store one day when Sarah asked me if I knew of anyone who needed a job. I said, well, maybe me. The rest is history.

What types of projects do you like to make? I quilt and love it. I have a goal of making everyone in my family a quilt. I also make baby quilts and love to give home made gifts. They just offer that extra special touch to show the gift getter some special love.

Favorite fabrics? I love all of the fabric that Deb Strain creates!

Do you have a funny work story to share? We like to take a little extra time to give our customer a little special attention in shipping by writing a hand written note on each order. Several of us at various times have been writing a note and maybe doing a little talking at the same time. Some notes that we have had to white-0ut include, ‘Thanks for the weekend’ and ‘Thanks for the water.’ Ha!

Any parting words for blog readers? I have been married 31 years. We have one son, a daughter in law, a granddaughter who is four and grandson who is 19 mos old. We love to travel on our Ultra Classic Electra Glide Harley Davidson. Besides quilting, I also love to read and am active in church activities. I have lived in Hamilton almost all my life and am ecstatic that our little town is coming to life, and has hope and a future. It means so much to me that it is hard to put it into words. (Missouri Star note: Aw! The feeling is mutual, Carol! We love this town, too. And our employees? We can’t ask for better!)

What do you love most about your job? Our employers make sure to let us know how much we as people and the work we do is greatly appreciated. We are told and made to feel that way in many different ways. Not something that I have experienced in such a way at other places I have worked. 



Dylan has joined MSQC about seven months ago. He doesn’t sew, but fabrics with camouflage or outdoor imagery catch his eye when they come through shipping. Speaking of camo…. Dylan loves being outdoors, hunting and fishing. Another fun fact? He works with his mother, Anna!

And the best thing about your job? The work environment is great. Everyone that I work with keeps the mood of the work place all happy. I feel like I’m just part of a big family and always feel very welcome as if we are all just a big family.


Aren’t they so great? We hope it’s fun for you to put some faces with those notes in your packages! We’ll cover more shipping crew members later. Next week, it’s off to customer service!