Look what we’ve been up to…Christmas runner #1

Here is a very small-blurry picture of a new tutorial coming out soon!!

So, I am probably going to get in trouble for this!  I called Mom {Jenny} yesterday and asked her for a picture of the table runner she finished for a Christmas project we are working on!  She sent me this series of pictures that made me laugh out loud!!  Dad is modeling the lovely new table runner!!  Hahahaha!  I love that guy!  He is such a good sport!

So here is a sneak peak of the runner, and a few pictures I may get grounded for putting up.  (or at the least, get sent to my room (for-like-EVER!)

You could make an apron if you wanted too!! LOL
Isn’t he adorable!? Having way too much fun in the quilt shop!

Life is never boring around here!!

Have a great day!!  We’ll be back soon with a new tutorial!!