It’s been a while.

Hey there, hello, how are you?  I am so sorry it’s been so long!!  What an insane summer we have had.  My head is still reeling from having surgery, moving, starting school, sports and all that jazz.  Plus, we threw in a magazine deadline.  Can I just remind you all about how crazy we are!  Hahahah!!  I know, we just thrive on chaos I guess!

So, I am not really supposed to talk much  about the magazine thing, but you guys can keep a secret, right?  This is exciting stuff folks.  Like, we keep saying things to each other like “really?? pinch me, this can’t be real” and NO WAY, we never dreamed we’d be in a magazine” and on and on.  We really can’t wait to share all the fun things and news with you guys!!  Just be patient with me.  I am not really supposed to say too much.  🙂

On the flip side, we’ve got to play with new fabrics (which is one of my favs) and we’ve been doing some rearranging in the store already!  The windows in the new shop are so fun, and we have had a blast changing those up for the season.  My little guy (he’s 11, so he wouldn’t like me calling him little) has started football, my daughter started high-school (gasp) and is playing volley ball, my other girls are in gymnastics, so we have something (sometimes two or three things going on every single night of the week) I do love sports, so I don’t really mind. I enjoy watching them learn and grow and improve.

I hope you all are safe and happy!  I will be better about checking in with you all! I have lot’s to share, show and tell!

Have a great day!


find that gorgeous new fabric here

New fabric ‘Birds and Berries’ by Lauren and Jessi Jung. Isn’t it beautiful!?